Help! White mold in Cattleya pot.... Should I repot?

forapple(USDA9)October 30, 2010


I got my first "Lemon Chiffon" Cattleya two weeks ago and through this time only watered it once. This week I took it to work and put in a decorative clay pot with more than 1" gap all around the side and the bottom. The inner pot is sitting on a small paper box (temporary support until I can find a right size brick). I thought that making the pot "floating" inside the decorative pot should provide enough ventilation.

I leave a bamboo stick in the pot for moisture check (learned from here) and this evening I saw some white mold on the tip of the stick when I pull it out to check the moisture. Didn't see it when I checked two days ago. I lift up the pot and looked from underneath, through one drain hole I saw some more mold on the wood bark. I think this is a bad sign.

I'm guessing that this is due to the lack of or not enough air movement? I wanted to repot since the time I got it (the plant is overflowing the edge of the pot already) but I have read that the good time to repot is usually Spring or when there is new root growth. In this situation, should I repot or what else should I do? If repot, I want to try expanded clay pallets, is this a good choice in my condition? My company just moved to a new building and we are not allowed to bring a person fan/heater to the new office.

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Are you sure it's mold and not mealy bugs? I am dealing with a mealy bug problem and at first glance I thought it was white mold too on my Phals.

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Yes, I'm sure it's a mold, it's in the bottom of the pot on the bark not on the plant.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

There is a snow mold thread down near the bottom of this page. Various treatments are set out there.

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Thanks! I will try the bleach solution and repot.

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