Blc. Mem. Crispin Rosales temperature tolerance

localocaOctober 8, 2010

Anyone know how this orchid handles cold temperatures? Specially in the Los Angeles area? Thank you!

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I'm growing mine outside in Lakewood without problem.


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Hi Nick thank you for reply! That's neat! Do you remember what you lowest temperature had been and the plant was perfectly OK? how often do you get blooMs? How easy is this plant to grow? Thank you!

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It's a regular Blc, blooms once a year. It usually goes down to freezing or just below a few days each year. 3 years ago we had a deep-freeze with temps as low as 25. it lasted almost a week, not 25 but 27, 29, 30F. I lost a few plants with that one but this plant survived it well. One of our members lives in a cold pocket of Torrance, he lost 90% of his plants and got out of the hobby, he was so disillusend. I know someone in the Pacific Palisades who never ever sees anything close to freezing. Depends where in LA you live, many microclimates here.

Over all I think it's a hardy plant, has been around for ever.


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Thanks for your replies Nick. Fortunately I don't live in a cold pocket like that person you mention. In that freeze I only lost like two plants in a collection of about 20 plants at the time. But now I'm growing more and more cattleya orchids and on the look out for large flowered cold tolerant ones. I would appreciate it if you could offer and tips! Thanks! I live in Eagle Rock near Pasadena.

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A couple of years ago I bought some small clones from Kawamoto. They are all big floofy Catt hybrids. All have been growing outside so are used to our climate here, all are now blooming size, a few have bloomed all should bloom next year. Look at the list and if you are interested we can work something out.

BLC. Chia Lin âÂÂNew CityâÂÂ
BLC. Haadyai Delight âÂÂBangprom GoldâÂÂ
BLC. Lawless Walkiire âÂÂThe UltimateâÂÂ
Mem Crispin Rosales âÂÂCosta Mesaâ AM/AOS
BLC. Merrily Marison âÂÂLarryâÂÂ
BLC. Toshie Aoki x C. Walkeriana) âÂÂNicoleâÂÂ
C. Nigritian âÂÂKing of Kingsâ x Blc Bryce Canyon âÂÂLake ViewâÂÂ
C. Sea Breeze âÂÂBlue Ribbonâ HCC/AOS
(LC Drumbeat x Lc Bonanza Queen)Spring
LC. Melecio Huerta âÂÂSenor PerfectoâÂÂ
(Pot William Farrell x C. Horace) âÂÂWatermelon ScentâÂÂ
Bc. Marcella Koss 'Pink Marvel' AM/AOS

All of these should fit your growing conditions and bloom next year. You can see pictures of them on Kawamoto's site except for the last one which came from Carmela but is a common hybrid which should google up. That last one, by the way, is a must have. Same goes for Melecio Huerto, a number of which have bloomed with wonderful fragrance..


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Thanks so much for the reply. I have been working long hours overtime. And just now had a chance to reply. When you say "work something out" do you mean you sell or trade? Thabk you!

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Either, we live in the same general area so I'd say come over, look at things and take what you like. I could also mail it.


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Oh wonderful, let's trade emails so we can keep in touch? Thanks.

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