My Roses Have no Leaves

jessakaJanuary 31, 2011

Every summer my one rose bush gets leaves and then loses them all while the other two keep their leaves. What can I do to stop this? I have no idea what is wrong. Thanks.

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With the very limited information you've provided, the best idea I can give you is there is nothing "wrong". You are most likely dealing with the individual genetic traits of the roses involved. How to "prevent it"? Propagate a piece of one of the other two roses which don't shed their leaves, dump the one which does and replace it with the piece you've propagated. That way. you know that in the average conditions you garden/live in, your three roses won't be bare.

Now, is the bare rose shedding its leaves due to disease which the other two don't get or don't get as severely? Is the one shedding because it is a more tender rose as opposed to the other two being more arctic hardy? Is the one which is bare in a more exposed situation compared to more protected/sheltered situations for the other two?

Is the bare one a deciduous variety and the other two ever green? There are so many variables at play here, that unless you know the answers to them, there is no way to give you even a simple answer to your question. Might you know what the names of your three roses are, presuming there are three different roses, and can you give some descriptions of where each is grown?

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Lots of roses lose their leaves every autumn. The ones that don't tend to be less tolerant of winter's cold temperatures.

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Jessaka, do you meanyour rose became naked in summer? If yes, the most common reason is Black Spot disease. I noticed that you are in 6b zone, most of 6b zone climates have this disease very bad. Did you notice leaves on your rose get spotty with some black color and later or at the same time some yellow color developed. This is usually how the BS disease starts. You said you have 3 roses, are they the same variety? It could be that the other two are desease resistant varieties and the third one not. In my garden (MD,6B) almost all roses will be completely naked from mid June on unless I spray fungicides.
I avoid spraing this days by choosing to grow mostly roses that are resistant to BS. Do you know what are the names of your roses?

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thanks. sorry i didn't get here sooner to reply. that is it! black spot. i remember seeing it.

all three roses are the same but only that one has black spot, but it also has 3 butterfly bushes in front of it.

they need to be moved, that is the butterfly bushes. the roses are New Dawn.

but now something else has occurred. we are taking down the fence, and so they will have no where to climb. i am at a loss here.

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Roses don't mind being moved if you have fence positions elsewhere. Get as large a rootball as you can or at least 12" out from the base in all directions. Water well the day before the move and keep it well watered for at least a month after. You'll probably have some dieback. If it's a large rose with long canes, you can cut them back to make it easier to handle. Otherwise, if it's only a few long canes, I try not to cut it back and wait to see how it responds, then trim off the dieback from the canes.


Here is a link that might be useful: If only sweat were irrigation...

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sherry, my other thought was to allow the climber to stay since i have no fence to put it on. would it be ok rambling on the ground?

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Jessaka - I think it would be very difficult to deal with a thorny mass of canes on the ground. How would you mow or weed in that area? Could you leave part of the fence as a trellis? or move the rose as Sherry described?


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Yeah, Maureen, doesn't New Dawn grow 20' canes? Ultimately (in time), Jessaka, you'd wind up with a mound 40' across. Sounds frightening. It needs something for you to lash it to. You need to be the alpha with this rose - be the boss.


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hi, i haven't thought it through. i know if i let it grow on the ground i can't get to the weeds. I am going to need to think this through. wish i had other places to plant them. thanks for your comments.

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There are beautiful shrub roses that will very probably work for you.

Take charge. Consider what you want to see in your garden, rather than how to fit in a climbing rose without having a structure upon which it can climb.

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I love my New Dawn roses and had visions of them trailing along the fence. They have to fit somewhere.

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I have 6 climbing roses that had black spot in the fall of last year. I sprayed with sulfur when they were dormant and removed all of there leaves. All had blackspot on them. This spring there are no signs of blackspot but the bottom of my canes have no leaves. What did I do wrong? Will the leaves grow back.

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