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wiscnick(5)October 6, 2008

Steven Frowine's book mentions Orchid Digest and Orchid Review--I have not seen either one--I read the orchid magazine that comes with joining AOS. Any comments?


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bolero(VIC Aust z9)

Orchid Digest in my view is the most important piece of Orchid Literature available these days. The quality of the magazine and information contained therein is second to none. They have an online website and I couldn't imagine a better investment for you or your orchids.

Secondly there are at least two orchid reviews that i know of and they are both very good magazines. I personally think the the Australian one is better than the RHS version (if that's the one you mean). But both are very worthwhile. I subscribe to both and read them avidly.

I can't recommend Orchid Digest highly enough, they also do a lot of conservation work I believe. The Orchid Review is also very good.

I hope you manage to subscribe to at least one of them.

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Hi Bolero!

I will subscribe to Orchid Digest--thanks for the recommendation!


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jamcm(Ottawa Area, Canada)

Hi Nick,

While I agree that both of those are good publications, you need to ask yourself what it is you want to know about orchids before you go out and get a bunch of new subscriptions. The AOS magazine is really a good basic, general interest publication with nice pictures. IMO, it's sufficient for most growers. Supplement it with a few good books, like Frowine's (the one he did on miniatures is really good too), and you're set.

With Orchid Digest and Orchid Review, though, you get more serious and scientific publications. Orchid Digest (http://www.orchiddigest.com/) offers a sample publication and I'd take them up on their offer to see whether it's really something you'd want to get every other month. Or like mine, your society might subscribe to it and you can browse it at a meeting. As for the Orchid Review, it is the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS - see http://www.rhs.org.uk/publications/pubs_journals_orchid.asp) that he's talking about. It's even more serious and scientific than Orchid Digest. Take a look at previous magazines - they usually let you preview one or two articles per issue. You'll be able to see if it's for you.


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Hi Julie,

Thanks for the input! Orchid Review sounded too scientific to me, and Orchid Digest is probably too serious for me as well...I am about to attend my first local orchid society meeting in a few weeks...

I am a windowsill type grower--I thought miniatures were more suited to more controlled environments?


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jamcm(Ottawa Area, Canada)

Joining my orchid society is probably one of the best things I've done orchidwise. Hopefully you'll love it!

As for minis... mini can mean anything under 6 inches and there are several that are easy to grow. While you might not be able to grow many of the plants in the Pleurothallis alliance, there are so many other small one, like mini Catts, some of the more compact Phals, some Vanda alliance (like Ascocentrum, Gastrochilus, etc) and the list could go on. I'd say that for every grower there will be something small you can grow. They will take a bit more TLC, mainly because being smaller they'll be in smaller pots which dry out faster or you'll need to elevate them somehow so they get adequate light, but these are all workable. And the advantage is you can grow three or four plants in the same amount of space it would take to grow one large Cattleya.


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Thanks again , Julie.

The orchid society meeting here is Oct 19th, and I've been counting the days!

I guess I do already grow some minis; a Potinara, a Tolumnia, and a couple of species Phals. I do like smaller plants, especially when it means I can get more!


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bolero(VIC Aust z9)

Too serious? I don't think so, there may be some articles which are but overall I find them both to be excellent and provide articles that appropriate at all levels of learning.

I mean, and sorry if this sounds abrupt.........but you want to learn don't you? If you want to learn about the plants then you can't beat them.

But I didn't know your level of experience or your level of intention in this hobby. As I said, I can't recommend them more highly than I do.

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jamcm(Ottawa Area, Canada)

Bolero, I hope I didn't offend you and I'm certainly not arguing that they're excellent magazines -- I actually do subscribe to both. Beginners though generally tend to want the basics, like general culture tips and gorgeous pictures to discover new plants to grow. The AOS magazine is really intended to appeal to as many people as necessary and generally covers its topic adequately and accessibly.

I feel that Orchid Review and Orchid Digest are aimed at a slightly more advanced grower. It's like the AOS magazine is Orchids 101, while these are Orchids 102 and 103. Learning is indeed a great thing, but you need to acqire the basics and graduate to Orchids 102 first. And really, on what would you rather spend your money and your time, and then have to store in a house being taken over by orchids -- lots of magazines you just leafed through because most of the articles don't really apply to you, or some nice glossy magazines with lots of articles that apply to you and a few carefully chosen books on the genera you adore?

There are undoubtedly a couple of posters on this forum while still relatively new to the hobby would definitely enjoy the magzaines. But I think they're really the exception rather than the rule.


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bolero(VIC Aust z9)

That's ok, I am difficult to offend. I didn't know what level of knowledge was being sought and I love both magazines and can be really enthusiastic in recommending them.

They are aimed at a more advanced grower and that is true. Hopefully those who are seeking more knowledge take up subscription with them.

No worries.


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