Strange cymbidium??

catlover_gardenerOctober 20, 2010

Today at the University where I work, Farmers Market visited and I bought a huge orchid. The vendor told me that it was a hybrid cymbidium (it had no tag).

It has very broad leathery leaves looking just like a Phal, but the leaves are very hard, thick and broad. Grows like a phal also.

The two spikes are more than 24" and have flowers that are maroon, brown peach and yellow. The flowers are the size of wildcat colmanara and have the same formation.

She said it was a hybrid Cymbidium but had no more information and they grow them in the Redlands. It is a monster of an orchid that I got for $20.

Can anyone shed any light on the name of this orchid.

The fowers have no fragrance but are very beautiful and grow from the stalk just like a Colmanara. The leaves are just long, leather hard and broad like a phal.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

Got a picture?

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No. I do not and no camera.
Picture a big fat phal with large broad leathery (hard) leaves just laying across the pot, just like a healthy phal would.
Then picture the spikes 24" tall with the exact flowers that look like the c. wildcat. Brown, peach, yellow and maroon in color.

Roots are all in pot with a few across media on top.
That's the best picture I can paint.

I have searched for pictures on line, but cannot find one.
Any help? Anyone?

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You are not painting a picture of a cymbidium in my mind. Try googling cymbidium, look at the leaves and see what you think.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Here are some thumbnails of Cymbidiums....doesn't sound like a Cymbidium to me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cymbidium set

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westoh Z6

I'm thinking it may be a mule-eared oncidium?
Oncidium cymbidium, sounds pretty close.

Google up mule-eared oncidium, very leathery leaves and looks somewhat like a phal...


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Bingo, westoh,
I stayed up last night till the wee hours and searched every Google site, and I also came up with that. It is not a Cym. I guess this shows how important it is to have tags when you sell orchids.

Anyway, it is a a mule-ear Oncidium. I have never seen one before, and would never dream that an Onc could have such large leaves and so leathery. It is a monster that I got for $20 and it is blooming; has two stalks. I am going to try to send a photo. Someone at my office should be able to help me.Attached Images

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