Possible Angraecum sesquipedale Problem?

sphinxbugOctober 9, 2010

Ive had this angraecum sesquipedale for about a year and it was doing well i think. then the growth slowed down during the summer which i thought was a little weird but it was ok. just this week i checked the top of the plant and tugged on the upper leaf lightly to see if it was still attached and then the leaf moved a lot. i noticed that the leave rooted at the base or something to that effect. the leaf was fine it was only the base that was the problem. what im wondering is will this plant recover or is it doomed?

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By the description you give it seems water rotted the crown. Angraecum's will send out growths along the stem. So if the plant still has healthy meristem tissue left on down the stem it can send out a new growth. I would pour hydrogen peroxide on the rotted area and then water carefully. This is usually a period of active growth for mine so hopefully it will send out a new growth.

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thanks a lot. the crown only shows that local damage. there is still green tissue in the crown. but thanks for the good news.

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