Tropical Orchid Farm Haul

penelope14(5 WI)October 29, 2009

I just received my purchases from TOF. I'm doing the happy dance over the quality of the plants. The packing was just stupendous.

I ordered:

Bulbophyllum saurocephalum (in spike/flower)

Coelogyne fimbriata 'Mini'

Bulbophyllum pardalotum

Bulbophyllum sp. 'Rosary Beads' (a real cutie)

Maxillaria fredrichsthalii

Maxillaria huntii (another cutie)

Sobralia gentryi (very tall with a lot of canes)

Epidendrum sancti-ramoni (oh, I'm going to enjoy this one)

Coelogyne xrekes

Plectrelminthus caudatus

and a bonus plant of Maxillaria uncata 'Lineas Rojas'

All are in beautiful condition and quite large. If anyone wonders whether or not to order from TOF, I say "go for it". You won't regret it.


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xmpraedicta(3b Saskatoon)

Sweet haul! Lots of nice little minis in there for sure. Feel free to post pictures of your plants even if not in bloom :)

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penelope14(5 WI)

Hi Calvin,

I would but I have an older camera and need to get a new disk reader for it.

I'm hoping I can easily mount the Epi. It's got a ton of tiny leads. I'd also like to try the Plectrelminthus caudatus in a wooden basket since it's supposed to be grown similar to a vanda.

Have you got any of these?


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Has your Maxillaria huntii bloomed? Mine is growing very well (at least 60 fat leaves, but no flowers yet.

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