Are there different 'Felicias' out there?

lucretia1January 31, 2012

When I look at Felicia on HMF, it describes it as semi-double, 9-16 petals. I've seen description from "semi-double" to "packed with petals" on different vendors' sites. Most of the pictures I've seen look like very full blossoms--many more that 16 petals. Are there different versions of "Felicia" floating around out there, or is it just climate-dependent?

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Here's a pic of Felicia from June. It has a higher petal count in June than later in the summer.

In this pic it looks like it has more than 16 petals, perhaps 20-25.

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Here's a pic of Felicia from early July last year, Lucretia. It never increased petal count during the summer, but then it rarely got over 70, either. Aptos seems to be like this too, I guess, lower petal count for me in cool weather than it displays in warmer places.

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ps, Mine came from Chamblee's.

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I looked at 'Felicia' on the Peter Beales site, and it's listed as a double, which is 25-40 petals. Their picture of 'Felicia' looks double.

If it gets hot here this summer I'll be curious to see if my 'Felicia' increases petals.

It sounds like Krista's decreased in petals as her summer progressed. I'm guessing her summer got warmer?

Interesting question, Lucretia.

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Gean, yes, it seemed that in the warmer weather of late summer there were fewer petals... however I came across this pic from early Sept., very end of summer. Maybe the petal count is not that much different from June, although I think the bloom looks somewhat less full of petals...

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I was wondering as well. Mine has very few thorns- indeed it's almost thornless. I bought it in the early 80s from Roses of Yesterday and Today.

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Well, she's ordered now, so we'll see how she turns out. Wouldn't mind if she were thornless (tangled with Alchymist yesterday--ow!)

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suesette(vic Aust)

There is no one answer to this question!
It's midsummer here, so I couldn't resist running out to Felicia to check. Answer number 1 was 62, next bloom was 24 and the last one was 37.
Same bush, absolutely thriving this season, it's been in bloom for months.
Mine has no thorns at all. She took a few years to settle in but she's about three feet wide and four feet high.
Now I'll go and sweep up all those petals.


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