Different kind of a com-pot.

orchidnickOctober 13, 2010

In the spring of 2008 I got a whole lot of seedlings (meaning small plants, they are all clones). When you buy a lot, they become cheap, $2,00 each for 50 of a kind. Now they are growing up, 6 LC. Melecio Huerta "Senor Perfecto" are in bloom right now. I sold 2, traded 2 away and 2 are in my daughter's kitchen filling the room with their wonderful fragrance. This on top of having 6" to 7" nice fluffy flowers. Scroll down: http://www.kawamotoorchids.com/mericlone_cattleyas.html to see a picture.

So I decided to have a little fun and took 10 of the strongest growers and potted them in a 14" wide, 6" deep basin/pot. 2 in the middle facing towards the center, the others in a ring facing out but squashed into the center so a 2" clear space remains on the outside. Kawamoto calls them spring bloomers, so far I have only had these 6 bloom at the same time in the fall. Then I did the same thing with 10 Blc Crispen Rosales 'Costa Mesa' AM/AOS.

All of them should bloom next year and make quite a display. I know the first one makes 2 flowers per spike so should have 20 flowers, very fragrant. This is irregular but why not, some of the members of my society will cluck, cluck that 'This is not the right way to grow orchids'.

Some times we should let our hair down and do something crazy, I can't wait for these to bloom. Total cost for both displays: $40. It pays to buy plugs and raise them your self.


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Bit of a lottery, there are some compots to die for and others that just die! Seriously, you have to have room to do all of this sort of stuff.

There was a famous orchid grower around these who used to belong to many orchid societies, not very active in any, would just arrive at show time with a fabulous Cymbidium that would nearly always win Champion Orchid in Show.

His method was to grow 10/12 plants of the one clone and select the best flowering. though they were all supposed to be the same, there were always one or two that were superior in the number of flowers produced and so on.
Another famous grower (not David Banks) said that this person was probably the best grower of Standard Cymbidiums in the world.

Anyway, i do not know why i'm rambling on about this except that i've run out of room and i've got three flasks of Tolumnia to deflask, just as well i do not love Cymbidiums, otherwise there would be a major row with the Dragon Woman as the back yard would become a Cymbidium filled space.

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I have plants that I've grown for 14 years that are huge and produce 20 to 30 flowers per blooming. It takes many years to achieve this. By putting 10 mature, blooming sized plants in a pot with the growing leads pointing out, I hope to achieve the same effect in 2 to 3 years. Since these will never earn an award (multiple plants are ineligible) and it's just for visual effect, minor variations are no problem.

The other reason is that I need to find a use for these small plants I bought 2 1/2 years ago. There was an ad on TV about a hover craft roaring into some backyard and a helmeted guy delivering a letter from the insurance co. The guy receiving the letter asked: "Why didn't you just mail it?" "We could have" was the reply, "but we have this hover craft."

So, I have this bench full of blooming sized fluffy catts which I have traded, sold, given to the society raffle table, sold at another society's auction (donation) and every time I water, them my mind does somersaults thinking what else could be done with them.


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I would be interested in buying some of your fluffy catts, if you would go to the trouble of mailing them. If you are interested let me know the prices and postage. I have emphysema and diabetes, Very difficult to leave the house, so can't go to the store to buy any, and don't have room for a large number of plants in a compot.
Thanks very much


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