What am I doing to my orchid?

scooter028October 1, 2012

I received a phal as a gift and after it dropped its blooms I repotted it in a classic phal mix that I bought from repotme.com. One of its leaves is yellow and almost translucent. All of the leaves were previously super sark green so I moved it to an area with some more light, mostly morning sun. Can you tell if I am over or underwatering or overexposing it to sun? Maybe a bad repot job? I am determined to keep this alive as I've killed so many orchids in the past and now that I've done research and repotted properly (or so I think) I'm hoping this one makes it. Thanks for any insight.

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You don't mention how you are watering...daily? weekly? etc? Other than that, one yellow leaf is not the end of the world...LOL...just cut it off. As a rule, I water my Phal every 7 to 10 days, with a little fertilizer every second or third watering. Morning sun is not bad, but it likes bright light more. Poke a little wooden stick into the pot and see if it comes up dry or moist. If completely dry, water it fully...also daily water spraying is a good idea too. Good luck

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I water thoroughly about every five days or when the mix is dry. I fertilize lightly every other time. It's in a garden window so it does get cooler at night and gets direct sun until about 3pm, after that until about 5 it's indirect. Just wanted to make sure I could cut off the leaf and it would keep going and that this wasn't telling of something damaging that I was doing.

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Looks like you cooked the leaf, but the leaf above it doesn't show any sign of trauma? I've done this before. Cut it off and seal the cut w/ cinnamon. See what that does and let us know. gb

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