seanbombOctober 9, 2010

I was recently given a small Phalaenopsis (Sogo Vivien?) as a gift for my vivarium. So far it has remained in its pot, with some roots draping out over the sides. It only stands about 5-6 inches off the top of the pot and bloomed a purple/white coloring. Now, however, the flowers have died and the stem looks withered, like brown and dried out.

I was under the impression that it may bloom again if I cut it back down the flower stem a bit, is that correct? I hope it isn't due to something I've done that the stem has shriveled! I should mention though that the leaves are doing very well, and a new small set has developed above the original main leaves.

And might this be a sweet heart or moth orchid? I shall try to get a pic here, but the flowers might not help the photo that much now. :/



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Don't worry about the shriveled flower stem on this particular phal hybrid.

Yes, some phals will rebloom from a flower stem. For instance, there are a ton of sequential bloomers, the kind with (usually) starry shaped flowers that are produced 1-3 at a time. Those will bloom for years off the same spike. Then you have the more traditional multifloral phals (like you've got) that will sometimes, but definitely not always, flower from the same stem if cut back to the right point. What happens is, the stem produces a new branch, and will bloom off that.

Purely anecdotal, but I've also never seen one of the smaller multifloral varieties of phal (doritaenopsis) rebloom off an old stem, so you might never experience that with your particular plant.

I can't answer your last question because I don't know what it means, other than to say yes, the common name for a phalaenopsis is the moth orchid.

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