My 'climbing' Mme Joseph Schwartz

jaspermplantsJanuary 28, 2012

My Mme Joseph Schwartz has been blooming since November and I was doing a little pruning on her this morning and noticed she has some growth that is at least 8 feet long. Fortunately I have a pergola next to her so I'm going to leave some of the branches long and let them climb up the pergola. I figured there is a climbing Duchess de Brabant so why not let some of her branches grow as long as they will. Tea roses get sooo big here since we don't have much winter here.

Has anyone else done this with their tea roses, that is, allow them to climb? Anybody have cl. Duchesse de Brabant and if so, know how tall she will get? Any problems with letting part of the bush be smaller (it's along my walkway so have to keep at least part of her in check) and part be a climber?

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Yes, my Anna Olivier climbs up the wall of our house, & to the top of the porch railing - about 15 feet. She is growing in a 8 inch wide strip of dirt between the driveway and the house, so all of the canes that try to go towards the driveway either get cut off or espaliered against the house. No problems created by this. I think tea roses are a type of rose you can practically do anything with (if you are willing to let them get large in some dimension or other). I also have a Mme Joseph Schwartz, and it has not thrown out any 8 foot canes, (probably because it is growing in partial shade), but it does throw out 6 foot ones.

So, I think you should go for it! Don't worry about the canes you have to cut to keep it out of the walkway. Perhaps some of them could be allowed to get long, and then tied in the other direction towards the pergola?


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