Broken orchid - is there hope?

Oboist1(z5 MI)October 3, 2005


My good friend has an orchid in her room, and a paper towel roll fell on top if it somehow and snapped the flower off! I know nothing about orchids and neither does she (she had to purchase it for an art class she's taking and is just keeping it now because she has nothing else to do with it).

She fears that it will die, but I think it has hope, because the plant (although flowerless now) still has two leaves and the stem, of course. If I could get some information for her, it would be greatly appreciated!



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komi(z7/8 DC)

most orchids that are commonly available have flowers on spikes, and so snapping the flower stem won't kill the plant. It's a good time to figure out what kind of orchid it is and what sort of care (light and watering - and maybe temps) it wants. Depending on the plant, the next flowering will probably be in a few months or in a year. (If the plant is stressed or doesn't get enough sun etc, it could be longer.)

Art classes! brilliant - that's were we should go for the next generation of orchid addicts! :P

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something along the same lines happened to me. I was opening my window and the orchid fell off the window sill. When I picked it up the stem had bent. It didn't break completely or snap off, it just bent and a little bit of liquid dripped out. I put it back up on the sill and put a small hair clip on the bend and attatched it back to the spike i originally came on. Should this be ok? Will my orchid continue to flower and did I ruin it??? It's only been about a day or so and I havent noticed significant browning or death of any flower. Any tips?

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It seems as if most of you are refering to broken flower spikes (or stems), in which case the plant itself should be fine. However, you may have to wait a few months to a year before you get another set of flowers.

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Well, if the "spike" is the long thing that sticks straight up out of the pot and gets tied to a stick or something then yea. The flowers grow out of that. If it in fact is broken, should I cut it? Will another complete spike grow or will the flowers (in a year or so) begin to grow from the same spike that originally broke?

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risingpower1(Essex, UK)

Chances are it'll branch off somewhere else, especially if it's a phalaenopsis, so leave it.


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Creeping_Fig(z6 PA)

Do you know what type of orchids you have? Try searching phalaenopsis in google image search and see if it looks similar to your orchids.

If you do have a phalaenopsis (my guess), then there is a good chance that a new flower stem may form and that you will have more flowers in 1-2 months. In any case, the plant will not die once the flower spike is broken. Even if your plant does not re-flower right now, if cared for properly it will flower again by next year.


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thank you very much for all your insight! My orchid is definately a phalaenopsis and by the looks of things there wasnt severe damage. just a little bend and some leakage from the spot where it bent, but the stem/spike is still in one relatively good piece and the flowers are still doing good. I got this orchid as a gift about a month ago and it really intruiged me. I gained more interested in them after seeing the movie 'Adaptation.' Any orchid lover would appreciate that movie ( i recommend it!). But anyway, if i have any more questions or need anymore help i'll just ask. Thanks again!

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I have a different type of "broken." This weekend I bought some phals from Lowes. They were just being unpacked and I couldn't resist, Mother's Day and all. Anyway when I got home and took a closer look I noticed that there were two plants in one container. One plant however looks like the top part of the stalk was broken out leaving about two or three leaves at the bottom. If I am careful will the plant eventually send up a new leaf? I didn't want to separate them yet.

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Occasionally I broke the flower spikes, phal and cymb. The only thing I did was to wait for new spikes. They came back but usually took at least a year or so.

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I bought my orchid pretty young so it was in a small pot. It seems that two green looking roots(??) are growing out of the moss and creeping out of the pot. I'm assuming its time to replant or give the flower a larger area to grow, how would i go about replanting it? or should i just leave it for a while? Any recommendations??

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orchid126(z6, NJ)

Orchid15, you have a totally different topic to your question. I think you would get more attention and replies if you started a new thread.

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Hi there,

I received my very first orchid three months ago from my husband. I love these plants. How beautiful!! So, about three weeks ago I got my first bloom. Now they just keep popping out like crazy. It's so pretty, but my first three week old bloom has been growing weak and wilting, so like most "spent flowers" I figured it needed to be pulled off. Well, as I was pulling it off, the whole rest off the spike came off with all the new blooms on it and the three weak old dried up flower is still haning on to the original spike. I was sick! So, now I have the original spike in the pot like normal, and this snapped off footlong spike with ten blooms on it and more forming. Is there hope if I stick this broken off spike in water, and will my original "still potted" spike ever grow again? PLEASE HELP!!! I don't want to throw it away if it's going to regrow! I could cry!!

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You should have started a new thread. I hope others stop by.

I don't understand your question. How many spikes did the plant have? Two?? If you pulled off the spike with the buds, you can put it in water and the buds should open.

Was the other spike damaged? If not, it should open it's buds.
I'm assuming you have a Phal. Write back with the answers, and if your plant has a tag, write the name.


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The stem with several opened blooms broke off the orchid plant when it fell. I stuck the stem back into the pot beside the plant. Will this keep the orchids in bloom, make roots, or just wither up? This is my first Orchid plant, that I have had since early February, and it was doing very well until it fell about 3 feet.




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orchid126(z6, NJ)

Dee, the spike will appear to be alive because the media will keep it fresh, but it will not sprout new roots and grow for you. You're better off putting it in a vase of water. The flowers will last longer.

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I have an orchid that fell last night. the stem with the blooms and buds is still attached. should i leave it attached or should i cut it off? then I have an orchid that fell about 3-4 weeks ago the stem broke off should I just leave the stem or do I need to cut it down? thanks

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orchid126(z6, NJ)

Melisamad, you don't need to cut anything off unless it's wilting or turning brown. If it turns brown, cut it off about one inch from the plant. If it's still green, cross your fingers.

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I have a phalaenopsis orchide for 1 year. The first flowers are already gone yet with my care, it flowered again. Today, when I was atering my orchide, I accidentally broke a stem/ spray full of 7 flowers. I stuck it inside the pot. Is there a way to save this stem? Will it live inside th epot? or is there another way to root it?

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my blue diamond orchid had several bloomed flowers on it and it had fall and the stem had snapped. will it grow from where it was broken, or will a new stem comefrom the leaves? and would it be ok to give it a bigger pot?

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