Cattleya leaf tips turning brown/yellow? Help please

orchid_123(z7)October 31, 2010

I got a cattleya and its leaf tips are turning brown and yellow. Some leaf tips are brown, others are brown with a yellow band, and others are just yellow. Only the tips (the top half inch) are affected. The affected leaves include both older and newer leaves. Several leaves are looking like this. The plant is otherwise large and healthy with good roots.

I haven't had the plant for long. I don't remember if the tips were like that when I got it...I think they were a little yellowish.

Temp 65-70 deg indoors with humidity at around 40%. Sunlight...not as bright as it should be.

Is this anything to worry about? What should I do? I really like this catt because it's very special and I want it to be happy!


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triciami5(z5 MI)

I have one like that too, and thought it was too close to the grolite so I moved it down, I had it on a block to raise it under the lite. It is about the same but hasnt got any worse, so will see. It almost looked sunburned thats why I moved it down. Tricia

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albertan(Florida (10))

Most frequently this is cosmetic damage from overdosing with fertilizer. Give the tips time to thoroughly dry and then carefully clip close to healthy growth with sterile cutters, being sure you don't cut into firm flesh. If the tips do not just dry, you have another problem.

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