Dendrobium aggregatum / D. jenkinsii .... Cultural requirements

bronxfigsNovember 11, 2011

I have never grown any Dens. and would like to start with these plants.

Has anyone successfully grown these plants in a south-facing window (winter months) then outdoors, in full-sun throughout the summer months.

The window area gets quite chilly once cold weather sets in. What are the chill conditions needed to set flowers? Should the plants be potted/mounted? Do they need high humidity? I have successfully grown Bl.'YELLOW BIRD' for years under the same conditions, and was wondering if the Dens. will also do well. I want flowers, not just leaves. The winter cycle is my concern. House temps. in winter are generally in mid-60s range, but at least 10 degrees cooler only by the bright, sunny, window.

Suggestions, please. Thanks

Frank, from Da-Bronx

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Light and temp are OK. Most important is to keep them dry from Thanksgiving to Valentine's day. Mist a little every 2 to 3 weeks to keep the bulbs from shriveling but no watering during that time. Once something happens in the spring resume water and fertilizer.


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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly with some answers for my questions about growing these orchids. More questions:

Grow potted, or, mounted? If potted, in what kind of medium?

While going through the dry winter period, do they need to be kept cool also?

Thanks for the help.


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

There must be easier Dendrobiums to grow in Zone 7. Den. aggregatum/ jenkinsii has a reputation of being difficult......
Here is a pic. of a plant grown by a member of the local orchid society, note the shallow tray.

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I prefer mine mounted. Lots of light, cool temps and very little water is the mantra between Thanksgiving and Valentine.


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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Dend. aggregatum is not difficult but you are absolutely right not to shade this plant during the winter. Year round temps of 60-90F ( will tolerate 45 at night in winter and plenty of water in the summer, almost none in winter. - Ian.

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Thanks for the information.

This is a plant that I would like to try growing. I like the winter treatment which amounts to letting it hang in my sunny, south-facing window, with nothing more than an occasional misting. The micro-climate near the glass feels pretty cool, so that should work, also. The worst that could dies. It would not be the first, or last plant that I kill.

Thanks again.


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Pseudobulbs will shrivel up in the dryish winter, quiescent period ... correct? Will they rehydrate and plump back up when watering is increased with the commencement of the new growth cycle?


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

There is a lot of debate about the degree of dryness needed by the Dendrobiums that come from climates with dryish "winters". The ones i grow (not Den aggravation) get watered sparsely in a glasshouse and whatever rainfall happens in winter here out in the shadehouse . Winter is mostly sunny and dry but you never know when heavy rains are going to fall in an erratic climate.

Dendrobium aggravation is rarely seen on orchid society benchings here and maybe that degree of flowering difficulty is what prompted an AOC Judging panel to give that orchid pictured above a cultural award. A very poor photo that does not do justice to a magnificent feat of culture.

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