Laelia harpophylla Cultural Needs...? Help!!!!!

bronxfigsNovember 16, 2011

I'm about to "take the plunge" .... with eyes wide shut, and purchase a few blooming-size plants.

I would love to keep these plant alive and well, but too many web-sites have conflicting info. regarding, light, temps. moisture requirements, etc. for this orchid. Very confusing! I was told that this Laelia is not that "easy"... Yes, no, maybe so?

I will grow these potted plants in a coolish, south facing window, throughout the winter months, then in a very bright, only direct morning sun area in the warm months. I have successfully grown Bl. 'Yellow Bird' under these same conditions, and the plant grew like a weed, and flowered continuously. Do these growing conditions sound OK for this Laelia harp. also?

Any suggestion would be very helpful. Thanks for the input.


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Your baseline is Bl. Yellow Bird which is three quarters B. nodosa and one quarter L. milleri. For some reason Bl. Yellow Bird is much easier to grow and bloom than B. nodosa in my conditions and both are now in bloom.

Bl. Yellow Bird spent last winter in an unheated glasshouse and is growing in a pot with treated pine bark mix while B. nodosa is growing on a hardwood slab stuck in a large shallow pot without any mixture (it has outgrown its mount) and spent the winter in a glasshouse with some heating.

So??? go to somewhere such as Jay's species site, read up on the three species and maybe the information there will give some clues as to where to position your new plant.

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Been there, done that. Still interested in hearing from members who have tried growing this plant under ordinary conditions in the home. I could never duplicate greenhouse conditions.

Still open to suggestions.


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