newb alert: whats my orchid doing?!

shodorov(7)November 27, 2010

Got this at home depot about 6 months ago. It lost its flowers about 3 months ago so I cut off the stalk and kept watering it... we just got back from a vacation to discover these runners(?) There are at least 15 of them both above the potting mix level and below (see pic)

what do I need to do next?


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Those are new roots! What media are you growing it in? Bottom leaves look a bit limp. How often do you water it?


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donaldb(5B Worcester, MA)

Roots they are. Here in Masachusetts all my phals are potted in sphagnum and are allowed to go almost dry then are watered. They all are in slotted, unglazed clay pots and are presently either in bud or flowering.
Good luck. As far as cutting the stem after they flower you should wait until the stem drys out before cutting.

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Beautiful roots. I have never let my spike dry out. I cut them off as soon as the flowers die or I'm tired of them. I do not want a reflowering spike. I want fresh new spikes each year.

Good growing!


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there are no around 20+ of these... do I need to repot it in something bigger? the medium is whatever it came in from Home Depot... looks like coarse bark of some sort.

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You have good healthy roots. You can continue to do whatever you are doing, the plant appears healthy. I would wait until Spring to repot unless the mix looks broken down and soggy. The pot size is fine, don't go bigger.

What zone are you in?


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