Need to Repot some Paphs

eahamel(9a)November 29, 2011

A local nursery (not orchid nursery) sells some orchids. When they go out of bloom, they reduce the price, usually from $16.99 to $10. I got 4 paphs the other day, and they need to be repotted. They are the mottle leaf type, such as Maudiae, Sukakulii, VooDoo Magic crosses. It looks like each is planted in something different - one looks like it's in dirt!

What would be the best way to go with these? I have Aliflor, osmunda, both chunks and fiber, seedling non-organic mix, but can get something else if it would be better for them. They're in the house under lights for the winter, and will be outside when it gets warm in the spring.

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Mine are in baby bark mixed with charcoal and sponge rock. Sometimes a bit of CHC (coconut husk chunks) creeps in there with it.

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I use a mix of both small and medium bark with some sponge rock and a small amount of peat moss. I say repot them sooner rather than later.

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Thanks, I'll get some small or medium bark and mix charcoal or non-organic potting mix with it. yes, they need to be repotted sooner rather than later - all have new growths, and a couple are potbound.


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Hold on a minute... If they are throwing new growths and are root bound, they just might be really happy. If the mix they are in is breaking down it would be good to repot,but I don't know that I would repot just to repot unless you suspect

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As a rule, all new plants that come into my collection get repotted. I grow mostly paphs, and repot about 1,000 of them every year. Naturally, I don't do it all at once. I just start from one spot and keep repotting threwout the year until it is done. It may take the full year to do, as I don't usually put pressure on myself to finish quickly. The reality is they all get repotted in about a year. The only exceptions are the community pots, that get done every 6 months.

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Ginnibug, thanks for the tip. Maybe the only one I need to repot is the one in spaghnum, and I'll check to see if it's breaking down before I do anything with it.

Bob8, wow, you have a lot of paphs! You must do quite a few each week to get them all done in a year.

I really like the ones with the long whiskers, and phrags, but they're harder to find locally than the vinicolors that didn't quite make it.

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