Growing Aerides orchid in Los Angeles

flexdcNovember 10, 2011

Aerides and Vanda type orchids typically need hot humid conditions to thrive. I have an Aerides orchid, the roots are great, the leaves are great but won't bloom. Don't know what to do. How much heat does it need to bloom? How cold can it tolerate? I have it in a Cold/Frame house at night drops to around 50 degrees.

Thank you much

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I have one which I've grown and bloomed for at least 5 years, in my living room in NY. No special treatment. It grew under Phal light or lower and bloomed on and off throughout the year. My house was cool in winter, summer I grew it in a screened, bright sunroom or outside in bright shade.

BTW, I did not provide any extra humidity. It grew in normal household conditions.


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Grow and bloom Vandas without difficulty, same with angreceums. No Aerides yet. Have them in a Greenhouse with night temps down to 55F. Lots of light, hanging just under the roof getting the most light possible. (Vandas that is, not the Angrecoids). They are growing bare-root and I have the watering hose parked in their area. Whenever I'm in their area, I hose them off. This may happen several times a day or once every 2 to 3 days depending on my presence. I have no hesitation to leave for the weekend and let them get dry for a maximum of 4 days but normally they get watered multiple times every day.


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gotsomerice(Sunset 23)

Try to increase the night time temperature by five more degrees and humidity to 80%. Does it has enough light? Show us your growing area. May be we can help.

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