Cirrhopetalum. Elizabeth Ann Buckleberry orchid

catlover_gardenerNovember 3, 2011

I was contemplating buying the above orchid that I saw at my Farmers market on campus here in Coral Gables, FL but I was nervous about it because I don't know the ideal growing conditions. It costed $35 and if it died in my hands, I would be traumatized and upset. Does anyone know anything about it, because I have never seen this orchid here in Miami at any of our nurseries. It has long finger-like, pointed pink petals in a fan-shape. Kinda looks like the Medusa of ancient Homer's Odyssey. Sorry, that's all I can remember. The leaves could look like a small cattleya,

I don't know to include a photo of the orchid, I just hope someone knows it.


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Just did a search for it by and found several places to get info---gorgeous, unusual flower!

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So what did you find out?
Tell us.

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Just Google the name and you will find a wealth of information on the web.


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