Rhy gigantea culture?

orchid_123(z7)November 20, 2010

I live in MD, and I grow my plants on my windowsills during winter, and during summer, I move some of them outside. I really like vanda-type orchids, but unfortunately I don't have the extreme high light and high humidity to grow them...well, most of them. Then I heard that Rhychostylis gigantea isn't as "demanding" as the vandas. Do you think I have the conditions to grow it?

During winter, it's 65-70 deg F and during summer, it's around 80 deg F indoors (outdoors, it can get much warmer during summer). Humidity is around 40-50%. I have windows in all directions. If I get one it'll have to be in a basket so I don't know if my conditions are too dry.

If you have any tips/advice I'd greatly appreciate them!

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Unless you live in far Western Md, your conditions will work well, if you keep the night temp in at least the mid 60's F.

I successfully flowered two different ones, one in an apartment in Bethesda, the other in a townhouse in Rockville, both with outstanding light. The temps in both places was warm/intermediate.

When I moved into my own house more than 20 yrs ago, I ran into trouble. The night temp never went below 60F, per the thermostat. Apparently, this isn't acceptable to this species. I did a follow-up from the same vendor and I received identical results. I think that this species prefers minimum temps at least 65F, if not higher.

Where in Md are you located? There is a remarkable variety of climates in our State!



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Thank you for the reply! I live in Montgomery County. I'll be careful not to let the temp get below 65 deg. I think I might move it upstairs where it's slightly warmer.

Do you suppose it'll be happy outdoors during summer? I think since it'll be in a basket it'll be nice to hang from a tree. I have a bright area where I grow cymbidiums.

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it will love it outdoors. do it gradually. these plants are tolerant of light however, they also sunburn easily if the light is introduced too quickly before the plants acclimate. I know. I made the mistake!

wow! you are growing cyms in mungumm'ry county!! Merritt would love you for that. :)

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