Cirr. Elizabeth Ann 'Buckleberry' purchase

catlover_gardenerNovember 3, 2011

I saw this gorgeous orchid at a Farmers' Market on my campus in Miami, and was hard put not to buy it.

Can anyone tell me whether or not could live here in South Miami Zone 10 on a back patio that is hot and bright in summer and variably cold 45-75F in fall and winter? I have never seen this orchid in Miami at any nursery, but I guess they exist.

The name of the orchid is Cirrhopetalum Elizabeth Ann Buckleberry. It is also known as a Bulbophyllum. The petals are pink, elongated like fingers, pointed tips, and fan-like in form. The leaves are like minature cattleyas.

Anyone who lives in South Miami, please comment.


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It's a well know Bulbo/Cirr hybrid, very popular. Should do well there with lots of water. A mature plant in bloom is definitely worth #35.


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