reed stem epi propagation

ken_ny(Z10FL)November 2, 2010

bought a reed stem epi (radicans?) growing in mostly soil at the spring Tamiani show. It bloomed up a storm all spring & summer and into fall (still has a few straggler blooms). Now it is producing tons of keikis. I tried mounting a few on cork a few months ago. They seem to be struggling to survive. I just plucked a bunch to experiment with. I am thinking of putting some in pots with hydroton and others in a open cedar basket with some tree fern chunks as filler. Has anyone had luck getting epi keikis started?

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I stuck the epi's in the soil and mulch- they are growing like weeds.
I tried the same with Vanda and vandopsis- good results, they are deep rooted now. Happily growing- so I am not going to put them in baskets. So far I have not had trouble with snail or slugs chewing up the leaves.

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The Epi will make keikis in the spring.


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I too grow many epi keiki in hydroton. Once they have formed roots (usually after one year outside)I grow them in part bark and pumice.
Ken, what kind of soil and mulch combination are you using?


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