Wish-List Crosses....Have They Ever Been Done???

bronxfigsNovember 12, 2011

I would like to ask the members of this forum a few questions about orchids that I can never locate...if they exist at all, for that matter:

Does anyone know of US growers/hybridizers who can supply named, "RICHARD MUELLER"-type, primary-hybrids using:

Brassavola nodosa X L.harpohylla/L.flava/L.kautskyii/L.cinnabarinum,...etc. (pick one).

I'm looking for a plant with solid gold-orange, solid yellow, harpophylla-type flowers growing from single leaf, terete, nodosa-type foliage, and NO pseudobulbs. Just a single, fat, thick leaf growing from a short stem/or, even from no stem. In other words, a nodosa-type plant that makes a Laelia-type flower and color. I'm not interested in crosses using any catts. or Laelias that resemble catts...nor any crosses that do not produce thick, single-leaf foliage. Does this type of plant exist?

What about Encyclia mariae on B. nodosa, or E. mariae on any red-orange-yellow terete-leaved Laelia?

Just asking, just wondering.

Thanks for any answers.


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

The problem might be that no one worries too much about the foliage, judging standards are all about blooms. One that might meet your criteria is Potinara Hoko Gem 'Freckles'. Certainly does re. the foliage, but some spots might rule it out.

Here is a pic. of a very desirable species with No pseudobulbs. But alas the colour is not as required.

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