Please help ID this Masdevallia

forapple(USDA9)November 2, 2010

I used to have this little guy for several years and it even bloomed for me under low light and total neglect. It didn't have a tag so I didn't know the name thus it didn't get the proper care needed.

Now I only know that it is some kind of Masdevallia and I want to try again but this time hope to get enough info to be able to keep it alive longer :)



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I have mine in Phal light. Cool temps and humidity. They are planted in tree fern mixed with some sphag and kept fairly moist, although they do dry out sometimes. I find they like higher light than recommended. Some can tolerate warmer temps than others.

Sorry, I can't help with the name, but treatment is basically the same for all of them.


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Thanks, Jane. I was hoping to find out whether the one I had was a cool or warm type then I will find something in the same group.

Because of the smaller size, I also wanted to keep one at work. The temp range should be OK for the warm group but wasn't sure about the air movement. Do they need a lot of air circulation in order to avoid mold/rot? I had an issue with a Cattleya, had it only 1 week on my desk and white mold started to grow on the wood chips.

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Looks a bit like a hybrid - one of the "Angel" series. In answer to your question, yes Masdas are very susceptible to fungal infection as their roots are so small. Good ventilation is essential. Even keeping mine out of doors I have lost a few. BTW did you know you can post pics directly on this page, just go to "Share this" and "Grab the HTML". Simply paste it into the message the pic will appear...

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I've seen it, it's a hybrid, probably prefers cool environment. Don't be afraid to grow it very wet. I have mine in Sphagnum moss sitting in a tray with 1/2" of water. If you can give it clean water (RO) it will prefer it. Daytime temp up to 80F is OK as long as there is a significant drop at night, into the 50s if possible.


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ifraser, thanks! Hm... too bad, I like this little plant and want to keep one at work. I wonder if I change the media to expanded clay with the s/h system would do any good?

I don't post much so I didn't know how to insert a pic in the message. I'm tring with this one.
Thanks again...

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This is 'Angel Heart' which likes cool and is prone to fungal problems.

Rosemary: Easy to keep, takes warm temps and blooms constantly. Very easy, no fungal problems

I would think your office would be too dry and warm during the day. Mine stay by a South window (3 tiers back) where they receive dappled sunlight all afternoon. They are packed in with my other plants and get whatever humidity is generated by the drip trays and the other plants. I do keep a tiny fan blowing on all my plants. In the summer, Rosemary goes outdoors under a tree. I keep Angel Heart in the air conditioning most of the hot months.


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Jane, thank you so much! Yours are very pretty and look very healthy. The temp in my office during the day is pretty stable at ~75F and 48-52% humidity. I don't know the lows but the building engineer told me that they set the thermostat to keep the room at between 70-75F. I left a weather station on my desk tonight so I can check today's low tomorrow morning. My office is in the middle of the building so no natural light but I will use a desk lamp. Maybe I will get a "Rosemary" too, seems more suitable in my conditions. Would you mind giving me her full name? :)

Thanks again!


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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

My guess is Masdevallia Marguerite.

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These came from J&L Orchids.
Purple: Masd. Angel Heart (ignea x infracta)
Red: Masd. Rosemary (coccinea x glandulosa)

I think the temps in your office might be too high. They really like cool temps. Rosemary does well outdoors in the shade and indoors with daytime 65-68 degrees, nights my house is set to 58 degrees. They are also placed away from any heat and by a large window. The area is the coolest I can find.

Angel Heart is more difficult. Likes it much cooler.

I have a small Oncidium Twinkle in bloom now and I bring it to my office. It is fragrant and holds up well in the office. I don't think Masde's are the right choice for an office. Just my opinion, but you could give it a shot.


Here is a link that might be useful: Masdevallia

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Richard, thanks! This is the best guess so far and I think you are probably right.

I googled Marguerite and seems like it can handle some heat that might explain why the one I had was able to survive in my kitchen without any special treatment and no A/C.

Jane, thanks for the link, J&L has a good selection of Masde's but I didn't see Marguerite. I will check them out and may try something for warm area and will try to find a vendor that sells Marguerite too.

Thanks again for all the responses!

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

Another that will work for you is any of the 'Tang' series. I have 'Angel Tang' but any of the others named 'Anything Tang' will work in moderate conditions.

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Thanks, I will check out the Tang series too.

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