Programs for Orchid Club Meetings

lisa_z5wmi(Z5)November 15, 2011

I just got panicky call from our society president; it seems that the speaker for our next meeting cancelled. The meeting is Friday, and she has already called her two emergency backups- they are busy. Then she called me, as I went to the Grand Prix show in Japan in February- but my pictures are truly lousy. So we are now both trying desperately to think of something, anything, interesting for the meeting. Any suggestions on last minute stuff our club could do?

Thanks a bunch.


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Once we had less than 12 hour warning as our speaker was admitted with a suspected heart attack. Turned out to be gas! We had a debate where we sat 4 of the senior members at a table and gave them problems to solve. At times it got quite heated and everyone enjoyed it.


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Wow, glad it turned out to just be gas... I don't know why our speaker cancelled- he was coming to MI from Florida, and we were sharing his expenses with a couple of other Michigan clubs.
What type of problems did you have your senior members solve? Pruning? Bugs? I'd love to do something where all can participate, hands-on, silly, whatever - but I just keep coming up short.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

If you are desperate, you can have a getting to know you night. This is where you hand out at random stickers, cards, bits of paper with orchid Genera Names
written on them and arrange your society experts to meet at the appropriate places at the monthly benching to discuss culture etc. of the nominated Genera.

I thought it would be a disaster but it always seems to go well and it is a way of getting Novice members to talk to the Open Class growers.

Of course how you "Divide up the Benching" to get appropriate sized groups depends on the Number of people you get at a meeting.

If you had more time you could arrange a lucky dip night ... that is where you buy an appropriate number of "your choice" mixed Genera Orchids from a reliable vendor. Then sell them to the members at or slightly below cost.
Of course, you will need a swap table/point where members can meet to swap something they get that they do not love.

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What I'm talking about happened a long time ago and I hardly remember the evening. I do recall a heated discussion on the merits of coconut vs bark for Cymbidium culture, also the benefits or lack thereof of charcoal in the mix. 'Rock Culture', becoming popular by SBOE was also discussed. Just look over the headings of the threads on this forum to come up with topics.

What made it enjoyable was that the participants always took 2 positions and debated them. Put 3 senior growers on the same table and they will come up with 3 ways of dealing with a controversial situation.


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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

A brief presentation one of our society members has done: How to read an orchid tag. You would be surprised how many even senior growers don't always understand some of them as to whether they are a species, hybrid, mericlone, unregistered hybrid, two unregistered hybrids, mericlone unregistered hybrid cross, etc.

All you need is something big to write on and a sampling of tags.

As an aside, it is generally the rule of thumb today that species are lower case and hybrid are caps. However, earlier orchid books -- 1940s or older mostly -- carry the old way of writing species whose names are proper nouns (named after people); they were capitalized just like hybrids are today. As a wee example, the following would have been written:

Cattleya Gaskelliana = Cattleya gaskelliana
Dendrobium Parishii = Dendrobium parishii
Trichoglottis Smithii = Trichoglottis smithii

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Another topic is how to get your plants ready for a show. How to clean them up, stake them out properly (staking in itself is another worthwhile subject, many people don't know how to stake), what judges look for and gets you a better chance of winning an award.

Once you get a group of silverbacks together and let them know that some one will actually listen to them, they usually get quite enthusiastic and will come up with ideas.


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So, what did your club do?


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By the time I had directed our president to this thread, she had replaced our speaker with another; Erich Michel of Michel Orchids. He also was going to fill in at the Ann Arbor club. Good talk; he did terrestrial orchids and also touched a bit on how he propagates his stock (from seed). He brought a really wide variety of plants- lots of Neofinetias that had a gazillion blooms on them. I ended up with a Den smilliae that has over 2 dozen canes, half still green. Our VP did the newbies lecture before about prepping for show- very timely as our first show is this weekend on the other side of the state.
Thanks for all the feedback. I'll be filing the ideas for the inevitable 'next time'.

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My friend in Hawaii told me that they have found a solution for having speakers at the there local Orchid Meetings. They make the vendors that participate in their local Orchid show responsible for hosting one talk per year. I think this was a very smart idea. If they want to sell plants and make money at the spring Orchid show they have to give back to the club and the membership. Sounds like a great idea!! I wish more Orchid societies made the vendors (Local orchid Nurseries) do this. Makes for some very interesting speakers.
He gave me a link (you tube video) to one of the talks that he did at his local Orchid club. Very good potting demo! The speaker (Reid Kawamoto) said he did not know he was being filmed. Looks to be a young rising star **** in the orchid world.
Paste link in browser

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