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elvisNovember 14, 2010

Hello, all. It's that time of year; DH wants to know what kind(s!) of orchid I want for Christmas...

I have a sunroom-type indoor growing area; 55-65 at night; daytime 65-80, depending on the sun. I've had great success with phals, oncs, miltssa, cats, paphs, epis. Cyms not so much.

Any suggestions?

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Ask him to get you a Dendrobium cuthbersonii, a Pleione formosana and a Maxillaria sophronitis. When they all die, he will have so much sympathy for you, he'll love you to death and you can write your own ticket for the rest of the year.


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Initially I didn't want any mounted orchids, but Brassavola acaulis is responsible for changing my mind completely. It is my favorite so far, amongst many that are much more beautiful and exotic. I think it has to do with the the way the long thin leaves fall from the mount, and the way the blooms frame the leaves; very different.

I have only seen it in bloom in pictures and will have to wait a long time for mine to bloom.

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Thanks for the input~~

Nick, I looked all 3 up. I'm not into miniatures, so that kind of leaves out #1 and #3; and the way #2 goes dormant reminds me of the wild lady slipper orchids we have around here in my woods in May...I wouldn't be able to handle that extreme dormancy. But boy, all 3 sound like picky little buggers!

Velamina, I looked up your brassavola acaulis--what a beauty! Is it fragrant, do you know? I hope it blooms for you soon...

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Thanks! I think it's supposed to be fragrant, but maybe someone that has experience growing this one can provide more input as mine is very young.

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Elvis, you asked for fun comments and that's what you got from me. All of the 3 I mentioned are sure fire mortalities in the average hands. I killed all of the ones I had in the past and finally am successful with the current crop. If keeping them alive for a year can be called a success. D cuthbersonii needs a cool humid greenhouse and super clean water, Max sophronities needs I don't know what, I tried them in different conditions and they all slowly declines. The current one seems to be holding on and has not yet decided to commit suicide. Pleiones seem easy enough, give them a cold dry winter rest, but despite this they are still difficult. I have a precox and a formosana right now, if a year from now I still have them we'll call it a success.

You want a winner, get BLC Sea Urchin. It's the most amazing grower I have and blooms all the time. I have 2 large plants, one in a basket, the other in an old tennis shoe. I show the 'Shoe Orchid' to beginners at our biannual shows and tell them that if this sucker can grow like crazy in an old shoe and bloom nearly all the time, orchids have to be easy after all.

Send me your address and I'll mail you a starter piece.


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highjack(z6 KY)

Nick grow your Max. sophronitis mounted in the same area as your masdies. Because it is a climber, I put it on a tree fern totem and it is now happy as a clam because each new growth can immediately grab something with moisture.


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Wow, Brooke! What a nice tip for Nick~~

Nick, thank you! I've emailed you privately.

This is turning out to be one heck of a day!

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