my phal is spiking!

zackey(GA 8b)November 29, 2011

I'm doing the happy dance! My one and only phal is spiking. I tried the chill hours thing for just 3 nights (the temps waved up and down too much and I had to bring it inside.) I didn't think 3 nights would be enought time. I'm so thrilled! It hasn't flowered since I bought it 3 years ago. I bought it at the commissary out of bloom in a small pot for only 99 cents.

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Congratulations! What color are the blooms? Or do you know, since it was out of bloom? Do you know what kind it is? Three nights may not have been enough, though it helped. It was probably getting ready to bloom anyway. Yes, everyone says they need cool temps to blooms, but I used to know an orchid grower from Malaysia, and he says the temps are always the same there and phals bloom in season every year without any chill hours. Are you giving it a fertilizer for blooms, with a high middle number? That can trigger blooming, too, and may have caused it to bloom.

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zackey(GA 8b)

It is a large white flower with a burgandy lip. It is a phaleonopsis. It didn't have a tag in it. I gave it Osmocote 14-14-14. I don't fertilize enough, so I'm surprised and delighted it did anything. I always forget when I fertilized last. I know I should keep a record of it, but I've got too much going on right now. It's always looked healthy.

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I'll bet the plant is good sized now. It would be good for you to get a fertilizer with a higher middle number and use it very dilute when you water, several months before blooming season, which is right now. But Osmocote will work if you have too much going on to do that. If you can give it something to help with blooming, it will make 2 spikes eventually.

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zackey(GA 8b)

It is big. It has 4 sets of leaves and it has put out 2 nice roots on top of the bottom leaves. I think it had 2 spikes when it bloomed the first time for me.

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I think chill for us and chill for the plants are two different things sometimes. They like to have a 20 degree drop from daytime temps and nighttime temps. When it's uber-hot, sounds really good to me.

I'm glad somebody else has found Osmocote fert. to be useful. I use the Dynamite version (the one in the red package). I just have way too many things going on all at one time to stop and mix up fertilizer everytime I water. The only ones I don't use it on are the Dends.Just remember the more leaves you grow during the summer is a potential for more flowers on the spike next flowering season. Some plants naturally put out more spikes than others,they are just more floriferous.Happy growing. ginnibug

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zackey(GA 8b)

I've used Dynamite before. I didn't have any luck with it and it was quite pricey. We used it in the nursery I worked it, but it had a different brand name, but it was still the gray oblong pellets. It worked great there.

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