Oncidium Twinkle Dying?

ryanstinerNovember 11, 2010

I need help. New to orchids. Bought an oncidium twinkle for the wife while it was flowering. Now all of the stems and buds and leaves have yellowed and fallen off. Kinda figured it was part of the lifecycle, but now one of the pseudobulbs is shriveling and yellowed, and another is plump, but yellowed. Is this thing totally dying? Sorry if this is elsewhere in the forums ... i poked around google results for a bit and ended up here.

Please Help!



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It is ok for orchids to lose their flower spikes after they are done flowering. However, when all the leaves start falling off, then something's wrong. How are you growing the plant (like watering, temperature, light, etc)? Without your growing conditions, I cannot tell for sure, but I can make a guess and say that your orchid has root rot. Without roots, the plant cannot take in water, and thus becomes dehydrated (shriveled). If this goes too far, then the leaves start falling off. Can you check the roots? If they are firm, that's good, if they are mushy and hollow, then that's root rot.

Here is a link that might be useful: AOS oncidium culture sheet

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