Stanhopia advice?

elvisNovember 27, 2010

I inherited a very unhappy stan from my sister (she received as gift). Based upon advice from this Forum, it is now glorious and BIG. Now, how do I talk this puppy into blooming?

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Maybe not applicable to all species but some seem to flower in mid summer here.
You, of course, have it in a hanging basket or similar so the flowers can grow downwards from the base of the plant?

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

All the Stans I have grown in the past and present have bloomed during the summer here, give or take a month at either side. I know there are some rarer species which allegedly bloom during the winter, but I have never seen those for sale. Do you have any idea which Stan you have?

What I have observed, which may not be across the board, is that when my Stans start putting out new growth, their blooming season is over. They seem to have bloomed as the current growth was fully mature and new growth hadn't started yet. This is not a scientific fact though; it is only my observation over time with many species and hybrids.

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An outstanding grower in the Sacramento area, Howard Gunn, told me that Stans and their relatives, Coryanthes etc, like less light than most people give them. I saw his plants hanging underneath his benches, at the edge so they are not in total darkness, but still getting less light than any of his other plants. He keeps them warm and claims they bloom all year long, with the peak in the summer.

3 to 4 months ago I moved mine to a similar location and it is obvious that the new leaves seem nicer but cannot comment on blooming yet. My last blooms were in the summer.


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Thanks, all~~

Arthur, yes, hanging basket; plenty of spaces.

CJ, It's been putting on new growth since I got it and started feeding it Alaskan fish doo-doo. Wish I knew what type it is, don't,,,

Nick, It's in bright indirect light; foliage is kelly green.

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cymbidia(9 CA)

Mine are outdoors in summer(June-Sep)then indoors with min 60F. Bloom mostly Nov-Feb(although I get an occasional spike in summer). In large wire baskets with good air circulation and light, fed weekly weakly. One right now has eight spikes

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8 spikes?! Wonderful!

Cymbidia, what kind of medium are you using? Mine is in a pocket of orchid bark surrounded by sphagnum moss in a large wire basket, indoors year round, fan on in greenhouse 18 hours a day. Temps range from low 60's in winter and at night, year 'round, and 70's to 80's in summer, by day.

I treated my cyms to a summer on the deck (sheltered) till it got down to close to freezing, hoping I could trigger blooming. Maybe I should do the same with Stan this summer?

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cymbidia(9 CA)

elvis, just went out and counted again, it now has 11 spikes(one ready to open), certainly the most its ever had at one time(the others have one or two spikes). Its growing in sphagnum moss in a large wire basket.

Fortunately here I can keep my cyms outdoors year round as there are now about 1500, with about 20 in bloom and several hundred in spike. But I have to keep a sharp eye on the weather forecast and be ready with the frost blanket. We had 4 nights of sub 32 this week.

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a very popular Brasilian contributor to another orchid web forum told me a couple of years ago that Stanhopeas are routinely grown in dark corners of the shade/lath houses down thar.

I don't go quite that far. I grow mine in bright shade.

I am perplexed. At this moment, my Stan tigrina var nigroviolacea 'Predator' FCC/AOS has ~ a dozen leads in active growth. As a result of all the activity, I have obliged it by watering/fertilizing it more than I normally would at this time of year however, I will go with the flow! I hope that in June, 2011 I will have results which justify my current actions....


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Cymbidia--how exciting! 11 spikes, wow... 1500 cyms? Are you mad, LOL? It boggles my mind. Post a pic sometime, Okay?

Stitz, it was a Brasilian fellow who advised me to feed often with fish emulsion. Sure makes the plant happy, I just wish it would bloom. Wah. I'm not sure what the difference is between bright shade and bright indirect light?


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cymbidia(9 CA)

here's a couple of pictures of the plant

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Smokers! Mine is only growing out of the top of the basket. Do I need to rearrange it somehow? Thanks so much for posting the pics--it's inspiring...

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