ice and Phals

ron_tacomaNovember 1, 2010

I had posted the first week in October that I was taking 4 phals and going to try the 3 ice cube method. Last Saturday I was getting ready to put my 3 ice cubes in place and noticed that two of my Phals have spikes. They are about 2 inches tall. The other two don't show anything but they are younger plants. Which might have something to do with it. I have trouble posting photos on this forum but I will post on the photo gallery. You will see by the photos that the roots look good, and the leaves look good, and they are going into spike.

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sorry guys cann't get the photos in. I will have to wait for my son to come up next week. He is the computer wiz, not me. But I will try again later when I have more time.

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Ice cubes? Never did THAT. Whatever you have been doing seems to be working. If it ain't broke...

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elvis----Last month there were a bunch of postings on the forum. Subject: "Phals under ice" they even referenced a web site. I tried it with 4 plants Just to see what would happen, and I am getting some response. I am not sure if this is the right thing to do but I was willing to try it. I am still having problems posting photos but I am trying. My spikes must be two inches tall.

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

I followed the previous posting and whilst it does seem kind of perverse, it is possible for ice to occur naturally in the tropics- as hail during heavy thunderstorms. Paradoxically this occurs most often during the "summer" when the storms are at their biggest. I have seen the ground covered completely white by this phenomenon, which of course only lasts for a couple of minutes.

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ifraser25--I looked at your "My Page" and was able to email you the photos I took. I am not defending nor pormoting this method. I still have my doubts. But I had to try it.

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Hmmm. What is the ice supposed to do, besides melt?

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captainjohn(Z 9 La)

You got it...melt! Adding a set number of ice cubes at a predetermined interval is a method of watering phals. This method is used by those who are otherwise unable to determine when to water on an "as needed" basis. The goal is to prevent overwatering.

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The two that spiked out are now 6 inches tall. the other two have not shown a thing. I am not sure if it was the ice that did it. Or they were just ready to spike out. I also have a couple of other Phals that are spiking and not being treaded by ice. Like I said it just might be that they were ready to start flowering.

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Pretty much any of the commonly sold phal. hybrids should be spiking about now. It's that time of year for them.

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Ya, smwboxer, we're got spikage up here in Wisconsin...

But my guys do that year 'round. It must be the room they're in.

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The flowering season for most Phals is Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, sonme into Sep. There are some Philippine species that flower Feb, Mar, Apr. If you email me I will send you the culture info.

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