10% bleach solution?

jank(US10)November 18, 2010

Noticed short discussion of this being "battlefield sterilization" in the snow mold thread. Looked at my gallon of Clorox and it indicated that it is 6% bleach and the rest water. Is this enough to kill virus or fungus?

Also, in a reference link to pruning in the other recent fungus thread, the author there said you could just wipe your pruning shears with peroxide or a bleach solution between cuts.

How do you feel about the safety/efficacy of either of these: bleach or peroxide?

If 6% bleach (as in Clorox for laundry) isn't strong enough, where do you get 10%?

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jank, you can make your own 10% clorox bleach solution by mixing it yourself. Use NINE parts water and then add ONE part bleach, in that order.

6% solution? This is the first time that I have heard of that. 10% is sort of a standard from WAAAy back. Perhaps, Nick our resident expert on medical stufff, might comment? Hellloooo, Nick - are you thar?

I used to work in medical research. 10% was THE ONLY way to go to achieve a quidk sterilization without the benefit of the preferred autoclave treatment. We only used the 10% (emergemcy) solution when someone screwed up and forgot to autoclave surgical instruments. Autoclave is another word for GIANT pressure cooker! :) The usual treatment for surgical instruments was a MINIMUM of 15 minutes at 250ðF at 15 lbs per square inch. I have seen very small autoclave to others so larger that you could drive a car into it (goverment money, there!). Back in olden times, I had daily access to humongous autoclaves and I sterilized potting media in them. As large as those big brothers were, they could still STINK UP large areas!


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This is not a hospital instrument sterilization process. I'm sure when they say 10% solution they mean 1 part Chlorox, 9 parts water. I doubt that they recognize that this will give them 0.6% bleach. As I indicated, the snow mold disappeared so I never treated but if and when I should, I would dilute Chlorox by a factor of 10 to start with. If it does not work one can always bump up the dosage. The key is not to hurt the plant.


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Tnanks, Stitz

Those autoclaves sound awesome!
Hmmmm...guess semantics is confusing me...

My Clorox, according to the label, is only 6% sodium hypoclorite (if I have the chemical name right), so I guess I was confused as to whether the 10% solution was 10% Clorox or 10% "bleach", which I thought was the chemical.

If I have it right, the 10% solution I want is 9 parts water to 1 part of the 6% solution? This is what was used as a sub for the autoclaving?

My husband has some "Outdoor Clorox" but the label does not divulge what percent of the chemical that is.

TIA for any further input,

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Thanks for piping up, Nick!
That's the figure I came up with too.

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highjack(z6 KY)

The 6% is the strongest solution of bleach you can buy over the counter. Be careful if you find an off brand for a lower price, check the label. It may be less than 6% dilution so for sanitizing you would need less water, more bleach.

I don't think peroxide would kill any viruses.

I wonder if Outdoor Clorox has no bleach in it?


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