Pruning orchid leaves

kettish(8a)November 2, 2010

I have several orchids, which I recently moved across country-from Georgia to Alaska, a 4000+ mile road trip, during which one or two of them got a little torn up. Two in particular have some dead spots on the leaves, and I'm wondering if I need to clip them to keep it from spreading. Both are phals, though one's a miniature. How do I seal the edges of the leaves after cutting them to make sure it doesn't get further infected?

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albertan(Florida (10))

To seal edges, dust with cinnamon from your spice rack.

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richardol(Santa Royale CA)

Or Neosporin or peroxide. Cut into the healthy part, a little away from the spot.

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Ok, thanks! Hopefully I don't kill the poor things. Wish me luck!

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What a trip that must have been! What a change of climate.


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Jane, it was a bit much, yeah. Didn't really have much choice in the matter though! Lol.

I conducted several surgeries earlier, one of which was on a plant that's so far gone it has two tiniest little nubs of roots left and one leaf. Hopefully I can get it back up to snuff-DH's gotten sort of attached to it. Let's hope everybody recovers well!

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