Drip irrigation for vacation watering mounted orchids?

quinnfyre(z7 PA)November 21, 2010

I tried doing a search to see what people had to say about this, but I didn't really find anything. I really don't think I'm the first one to try it though, so has anyone else tried using a gravity fed drip irrigation system to water their mounted orchids while on vacation? I set up a system today, and everything looks to be functioning correctly, but would this be ok for five days? Give or take, I may not fill the reservoir enough for five whole days, I just don't want them to go five whole days without any water. The ones with a dripper are: Aerangis modesta, Pleurothallis alata, Pleurothallis amparoana, Pleurothallis ornata, Lepanthopsis astrophora, Restrepia striata, Encyclia polybulbon, and a non orchid, Hoya patella. Pleuro alata, Pleuro amparoana, and Lepanthopsis astrophora are potted in coco husk chips but have a wick running out the bottom to facilitate drainage, and the restrepia is in fine bark.

Mainly, I'm worried about the mounties that are not pleuros (or related to pleuros), but while I do tend to water every day or every other day, they do dry out at least a bit in between. With drip watering, they don't get a chance to dry out.

What's your opinion? Too much moisture, or ok for five days? None of them are sitting in a saucer or anything like that, the water drains to the bottom of the tank.

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They all sound like they can't get too wet, it's hard to overwater mounted orchids. The cloud forest plants probably would not appreciate a 5 day dry period.

Sounds like you are on the right track.

The other thing you can do, if you have enough sphagnum moss lying around, is to create a wet pad of moss and lay the mounties in it so just the roots are touching the wet moss.


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