frost bitten leaves

mrtulinNovember 12, 2011

Left them out for a few 30 F. nights. The leaves are discolored but the bulbous part above the soil are appear firm and there are lots of white healthy roots.

What should I do? They are ugly but I can live with it. Can I cut off the discolored leaves or will that keep them from blooming this winter ? (who knows if they will bloom anyway, but I'd like to maximize the chances!)

Many thanks,


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Hi Idabean, I've been there, done that! If the leaves start to turn black or mushy, cut that part off with a straight-edge or regular razor blade. Leave any of the green, healthy tissue. They should recover.

If any were making spikes the flower buds may have been damaged, but leave them alone and see what happens. Always cut away any dying tissue. Keep indoors in a bright, warm spot.

I am assuming you are talking about Cattleyas.

Good luck,

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albertan(Florida (10))

Be sure to fungicide-seal all cut surfaces. A dusting of cinnamon will do.

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