phal #4 - help me keep it thriving please

pattirose4November 6, 2010

I broke down and bought a phal at a big box store yesterday. It's double potted with the inside one being one of those very deep clear plastic orchid pots - a 4" one and it's in bark.

The hang tag says 1/4 cup water once a week.

Does that sound right? Then do I flush it once a month?

Also, does it need lots of light while it's still blooming or can I put it in a low light area then move it back to the light after the blooms fade?

My previous 3 phals haven't done well, I tried many different things with them the past 2 years, one died, one threw off a keiki then died, the other is still alive last time I checked.

I have 40 odd plants, I have AVs that bloom, Hoyas that bloom, a couple Jasmines that bloom continuously, Peace Lilies that bloom year round, a couple Christmas Cactuses that bloom yearly and I even managed to get my Anthurium to bloom this year, so I do have enough light.

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cymbidia(9 CA)

weekly watering is usually right if its potted in bark(and the overnight temp is 50+) but also keep repeating the orchid growers mantra "weekly weakly"!! That is, fertilze it with a liquid feed every week at about half the recommended strength. No direct sunlight, but not low light.

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