Repot, repot, repot!

kettish(8a)November 6, 2010

It's only been recently (the past few days) that I've realized how horrible my poor orchid's root systems were! I never bothered repotting them after I bought them at Lowes, etc., and had to cut away tons of rotted roots from all the ones I've done so far. All of them had some healthy roots, too, mostly little ones growing out near the top of the pot where I assume it dries out quickest.

Darn you sphaghum moss!!!

As an aside, I wonder if some sphaghum somewhere around the orchids could help keep the humidity up? My little orchid terrarium's a far cry from ready and I want my little guys to thrive in the meantime.

Everybody's trimmed, repotted, and should be happier, now. We'll just see!

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Now,now; I'll have no darning of sphagnum moss!!!

I grow all my phals and neos in straight sphag. Never did when I first started out but I do now.I love it, love it, love it!

See the whole thing is that it's great to use. You just have to get familiar with to how to use it. ginnibug

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Maybe once I'm a more advanced orchidician I'll understand how to use it better. I am considering its usefulness as a top dressing on my 'chids to help keep humidity up; it's around 20% humidity in my home, dry as a bone. I'm worried it'd cut down on air circulation and cause root rot (again!) on them.

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highjack(z6 KY)

Over watering causes root rot and it will cause it regardless of the media used in the pot. If a person learns when to water, it is a great media, particularly in a dry climate.


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cymbidia(9 CA)

One tip is to use transparent pots, available from most orchid suppliers, so you can keep an eye on the roots and correct you growing habits before too much damage occurs.

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highjack, you're correct, but I didn't realize that when I got my orchids originally.

cymbidia, that's a good tip. I'll have to see if I can find these somewhere.

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