Reddish Vanda leaves & brown spots Catt

forapple(USDA9)November 6, 2010

These last two weeks had been crazy so today I just had a chance to look at my new collection closely. After their morning bath, I noticed that the top leaves of my new Vanda have some reddish tint but otherwise they look OK. I wonder if this is something of concern or not. When I looked at the old pic took two weeks ago, it seems to be there since then it but it is spreading. It was in full sun half of the day, is it too much sun? But my other Vanda doesn't have this issue.

This is the pic of the leaves two weeks ago...

This is what they look like today

And my 2nd pot of the "Lemon Chiffon" Catt also has some brown spots on a bulb and two of the leaves. The spots on the leaves are near the joints (name?).



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cody_mi(z5 MI)

the red leaves are from a lot of strong sun. they don't really hurt the plant, but you can move it back from the window a bit.

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Thanks, Cody. I will move it in a little more.

Does anyone know about the spots on my Cattleya?

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