Sedirea japonica question

winnjoe(MTL)November 14, 2010


I bought this plant at the spring show and kept it outside this fall until frost. It has been inside for a few weeks now and a little spike has formed. In the meantime it has warmed up a bit and temperatures are above freezing. Should I put it back out? - would that help the spike? - or leave it in now?


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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

It's kind of a toss-up, Joe. Sometimes it works better putting the plant back out, and sometimes keeping it in. I go through this with my cooler-growing orchids every winter where I keep them out down to about 40F at night. What I found worked for me was to bring them into the garage on those much colder nights of 15-35F where garage low temp runs from 40-50, rather than bring them into the 75F house. Of course, most winter days here will warm up to above 40F so it's a constant in and out for cool growers all winter long since the greenhouse is too warm for them and the garage doesn't have enough light.

But since you aren't going to have many more days and nights above freezing anyhow, if it were my plant I would just keep it in from now on rather than expose the bloom spike to wide fluctuations in temperature.

But it remains a case of experimentation to see what will work best for you under your conditions.

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