Can I use 'regular' fungicides for orchids?

orchid_123(z7)November 5, 2010

I know orchid-growers use "special" fungicides like physan and phyton. I can't find them anywhere, other than online. I'm wondering if I can instead use the fungicides available at big box stores like Home Depot. I found several different kinds, like garden fungicide, house plant fungicide, etc. I didn't note the specific names and active ingredients.

Can I use these on orchids? Are they effective in treating diseases like leaf/black rot without harming the leaves? I've mostly catts, dens, and phals. What kind of "regular" fungicide do you use?

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You might want to look at the thread about "snow mold" on this page or next which gives a diluted bleach formula.

I've also substituted 1 tablespoon bleach/per gallon of water which is similar to physan and is harmless. My plants are doing very well and I've administered it as more of a preventative, so not sure how effective it is against an accelerated infection.

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albertan(Florida (10))

"Harm leaves with black rot??" Get rid of the leaves as soon as possible and dust cut liberally with cinnamon, right from your spice rack. Knowing active ingredient of fungicide is important, as is knowing what you are treating! Not all fungicides are equal!!!

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None of the fungicides will reverse active black fungus. Before any treatment radically remove any affected part no matter how small it leaves your plant. If any active rot remains, your treatment is sure to fail and you'll loose the whole plant.


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highjack(z6 KY)

To answer your question, yes you can use any fungicide available at a big box store - follow directions.


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Most commercial fungicide preps are fine for orchids. Personally I'd avoid anything based on copper, though. A lot of orchids are sensitive to it.

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orchid126(z6, NJ)

Normally, if the label says it's good for roses, it's good for orchids.

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