Aliceara Kauau's China OKA

skippy1936December 7, 2011

Received this last year as a gift. It's doing fine, made a new pb. My question is, when does this bloom? Its been in the same pot for awhile I think.

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Sorry I'm not certain on that. If you do a Google and check the vendors sometimes they put that info out there. I only have one of those intergeneric cross that requires cooler temps with the little onc. roots & I'm killing

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Thanks ginnibug. one of my orchid books said it was a repeat bloomer but doesn't say if its a summer bloomer or winter bloomer. All my phals and dendrobium are spiking now. I have it in a south facing window. I will just wait and see. Do you think I should repot it? It has 6 pb and two bulbs where the top grassy leaves have been cut off. I'll do a little more research I guess.

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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

Minor correction to the name (from RHS register of orchid names).
Aliceara Kauai's China Oka.
Aliceara is Brassia x Miltonia x Oncididium
Some might be repeat bloomers, others might only bloom once a year, depends on the species were used in making the orchid.
Should not be giving advice because the one Aliceara that i have has never bloomed, but i'll take a punt and say that your orchid needs more much more light than a Phalaenopsis to bloom.

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Thanks for the correction on the name, I knew I made a typo.
My south window is the only spot I have. My dendrobium is there and it does OK. Maybe it will never bloom, maybe that's why she gave it to me!

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