Need advice on clipping and potting an orchid

lil_teeDecember 19, 2011

Hello orchid experts!

I could sure use some advice/instructions on properly clipping and potting an orchid.

The back story...last year my parents sold their house of 35+ years to downsize to a condo. There's an orchid in a tree at the old house that my grandmother gave to my mother and that my mom has talked about a few times since. My dad and I have conspired with the new owners to let us get a clipping to give to my mom for Xmas (yay!), but I know nothing about orchids and really want to make sure we do everything right so it survives.

It seems like knowing the type of orchid is critical, but I'm afraid I don't. It flowers in a beautiful bright pinkish-purplish color, and as I mentioned, is in a tree. I hope that helps at least a little. Oh, and the location is Miami, FL.

What I've found so far is to make the cut just below the roots and plant in a clay orchid pot in orchid bark. Does that sound right? Is it really that easy?

Thanks so very much in advance for any input!


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arthurm(Sydney, NSW AUST)

No help? That is because you are asking an impossible question. If the orchid was say a vanda you would get a very different answer to that given if your orchid was a Cattleya.

Does the orchid have few stems or lots and lots bulb like lumps?

Perhaps google Orchid Blooms, select images and see if you can find a bloom that is similar in shape.

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coffeemom(Broward z10)

if you haven't got the orchid yet I would be willing to meet you in Miami or talk you through it by cell if you can describe the orchid in detail
email me at sjkdavis at bellsouth dot net

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Thank you both for responding! And coffeemom, thank you so much for your generous offer!! I'm not sure when we're going to get it, but I might take you up on the phone walk through when we do.

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