A silly moment

daisyincrete Z10? 905feet/275 metresFebruary 26, 2014

Well. I have just done a very silly thing.
Peter Beales sent an e-mail with an offer of 30 varieties of roses reduced in price.
I have no more room!!! But I still found myself hitting the add to basket button. Help! Now I have six new roses coming.
Please tell me anything you know about them.
They are;
Beatrix Potter
Evelyn May
La Reine Victoria
Louise Clements
Reine des Violettes
St Ethelburga

I am going to put Reine des Violettes in a pot that will mainly be in shade, but La Reine Victoria? Can she take full sun?
And how much sun can the others take? Any information will help.

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nikthegreek(9b/10a E of Athens, Greece)

I don't grow any of these Daisy so I can't be of any help. The only thing is that I have found that bourbons and portlands don't like my climate and tend to be mildew magnets also. But they might be worth a try where you are. I'm really just writing to say I sympathise with you. I saw that Beales' mail myself and I promptly discarded it without reading.... Come to think of it, if you find out you have really run out of space, just load any of these roses in the ferry and ship them to me! lol

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Campanula UK Z8

saw it too....but sense (and lack of funds) prevailed.

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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

I can tell you that Louise Clements will take some extra care. It's very pretty but sort of weak willed for me. It needs to be placed where other plants won't shade and dominate it.

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nikthegreek(9b/10a E of Athens, Greece)

Can't seem to find Beatrix Potter on HMF. Which rose is it?

PS Never mind I found it at Beales' site. A Beales 2010 rose, creamy-pink hybrid-tea-ish 'modern shrub'.

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seil zone 6b MI

I grew RdV in a pot of a long time and she did great. Make sure it's a BIG pot. I had a small trellis in the pot to help support her but she was very happy and bloomed quite well!

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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Hi Daisy, from the roses that you have ordered I only grow 'Reine des Violettes'. I got mine as a band from Vintage Gardens and waited until it grew to a decent size before I planted into the ground two years ago. Last year it started to throw out a 10 foot cane, so I doubt that in a warm climate, where we both live, this rose will be happy in a container in the long run. The bush form is unruly and unbalanced so far, but the rose obviously hasn't reached maturity yet. I planted mine in quite a bit of shade, and that works well for the spring flush, but in the heat of summer the blooms still fry. Mine becomes chlorotic in our alkaline soil, but this problem can easily be corrected by putting soil sulfur down each year. I water and fertilize it regularly. In my garden the rose is completely healthy with beautiful matte foliage.

Despite the obvious hiccups, for me it is totally worth growing this rose, because the color of the blooms has an unsurpassed and unique beauty and the fragrance is incredible, not only strong but also very pleasing. In one sentence: I just love this rose and hope you will, too. Good luck!


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daisyincrete Z10? 905feet/275 metres

Thanks for all your replies.
Nik and Camps, I am usually more strong minded, like you, but was obviously having an off day!
Nik, I couldn't find Beatrix Potter on HMF either. It could be that it is relatively new, only 2010.
I like it's soft colouring and the fact that it is continuous flowering and is scented.
I have put a link below, for anyone who would like to see what it looks like.
Mendocino Rose, thanks for letting me know that Louise Clements needs a bit of tlc. Can she take full, all day sunshine?
Seil, That helps to know. She will be in the biggest pot that I can squeeze in.
Christina, I am glad to hear that Reine des Violettes can be grown in a warm climate. I love her too. I used to grow her in England, where she was very beautiful. Even if she sulks during the heat of the summer, she will be worth it for the spring and autumn flowers. She will have to go into a pot, there just isn't anywhere else. With a bit of luck, she will do as well as my Pat Austin which has been in a pot for four years now and is happy there.
If anyone else has grown any of these roses, I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Beatrix Potter

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bart_2010(8/9 Italy)

How often do you fertilize RdV,Christina? and with what? bart

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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

Daisy, I would say that Louise Clements could take all day sunshine.

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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Hi Bart, I fertilize my roses only organically. I use either E.B. Stone Organics "Rose & Flower Food" or "Bio Start" from Growmore and in addition to that I feed with E.B. Stone Organics Alfalfa Meal.

I fertilize the first time right after the winter pruning, then I try to do it after the spring flush and sometimes after the autumn flush, if I can find the time. Usually I add the alfalfa meal to the rose fertilizer only in the spring.

Hope this helps!


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bart_2010(8/9 Italy)

Thanks, Christina! I'm quite excited to have found an organic granular fertilizer for tomatoes; here where I live in Italy it is very hard to find organic fertilizers. Up till now I've used alfalfa hay,a bulky, manure-style organic mix, and a non-organic granular,but I wound up over-dosing on the alfalfa,for example. This year I'll still use the ones I've used in the past ;I have so many roses, I just can't afford to use the organic granular on all of them (it comes in a small box, whereas the non-organic comes in a large sack), but with this organic granular I can biff up the diets of some of my roses that seem unhappy with the standard diet. Hopefully eventually I'll improve my soil to the point that I can just phase out the non-organic granular entirely...bart

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nikthegreek(9b/10a E of Athens, Greece)

Hi bart,

I have read repeatedly your peeve that you find it very hard to find organic fertilizers in Italy. Without meaning to challenge what you're saying, I find this very peculiar. One can relatively easy (but not cheaply mind you) find processed organic (or mixed organic-chemical) fertilisers here in Greece (in large bags or even in bulk and deliverable in pallets or big bags) and I would expect it would be easier to find in Italy as it is a much larger market. Maybe you are not looking at the right places? Your average neighbourhood garden center or the department store might not be the place to look. Try checking through the internet and/or through farming supplies outlets. Try locating the manufacturers / importers / distributors and ask them about their outlets. In general the larger quantities you buy the cheaper those things tend to be. Stay away from small quantity packaging meant for consumer use (e,g, 5 pots in the balcony) as the same product tends to be much much more expensive when packaged for consumer use.

PS I just made a single google search for 'concimi organici' and I found many references such as the link below

PS2 concimi / fertilizzanti organici are the terms to search for just in case you didn't know.

Here is a link that might be useful: Organic and Mixed (Organochemical) Ferts

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nikthegreek(9b/10a E of Athens, Greece)

Another example link out of the tens I have found. Just providing these as examples, I have no idea about the particular products nor their availability in your region.

Here is a link that might be useful: Agrofill

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Reine Victoria is so sweet. I'm glad you are giving her a chance. I get a good spring bloom and a more modest fall bloom and sometimes a flower unexpectedly. If you fan her out on a trellis, you will get more flowers. The flowers can be fragile so protect from wind if you can. They start out small when the plant is young and then get larger later on. If you need a tall narrow plant, this is your rose.

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If I could only have one on your list, it would be the modern shrub St. Ethelburga. This rose has a strong Damask fragrance. I have two and so far no problems at all. Mine grow to about 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide.

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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

What a beautiful photo. I've wanted St E for years, and seeing it again has brought back the "wants" worse than ever. Does it repeat well for you, Lynnette? It's just so lovely. Diane

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I can support the previous statement about Louise clement. Beautiful rose but it is slow slow slow growing.

Grace e

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daisyincrete Z10? 905feet/275 metres

Thanks Medocino Rose, I shall put her where she will get sunshine all day,
Thanks for the information Kittymoonbeam. I will spread La Reine Victoria onto a pomegranate tree which I clip like a hedge. That should make the clipping interesting in future!
Thanks for the confirmation about Louise Clement, dregae. She will be worth waiting for.
Lynette, That is a stunning photo of St Ethelberga. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank-you.

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Would like to know where I could find St Ethelburga..

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Alfalfa pellets for horses purchased from a feed store is much less expensive than the small boxes from a nursery.


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Dare I mention the name on this forum!! I got both of my St. Ethelburgas from Hortico. Both were nice plants.

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I have Reine des Violettes and La a Reine Victoria, but they're both still tiny babies. I have RdV against a west-facing fence and her flowers to fade out to a medium mauve colour, but I don't care because the fragrance is divine.

My little La Reine Victoria is a tiny thing with tiny flowers, but they're beautifully cupped and super duper fragrant too. The flowers seem really delicate though, so perhaps a spot out of the wind would be best for her.

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