Ginormous Laelia anceps flower stalk

wuness(z5 IL)December 8, 2010

My L. anceps flowers tend to be caked in a glutinous substance that can deform the flowers unless I keep them moist and remove the bracts. I understand that may not be all that uncommon.

One of my plants currently has two flower stalks that are now in excess of 40 inches long. I've had this before, but I've also had much shorter stalks on this plant as well. It tends to make it difficult to put the plant in a position to enjoy the beautiful pink flowers.

Has anyone else experienced this before? I'm wondering if this is the result of lower light intensity at this time of the year.


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penelope14(5 WI)

My L. anceps has 4 spikes this year. It is mounted and I use a pump sprayer to water it every other day. I make sure to spray the spikes too because, like you, the spikes get gummed up and wrinkle.

I have mine hanging in a large window facing south so my spikes don't get to be 40 inches but do get to be about a yard long. L. anceps do have very, very long spikes.

When you have the shorter spikes was the light brighter or was the plant in a different location? It could be the reduced light is the culprit.


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I have had very long spikes on L anceps and also medium long ones. This year they are definitely on the short side. Must be the climate of a given year.


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wuness(z5 IL)

I am growing three plants from an original clump. Besides the plant with the extremely long stalks, I have a second one with a flower stalk of only 6-8 inches. The third plant has a flower stalk of intermediate length. They grow side-by-side in the brightest corner of the greenhouse. Now that I think about it, maybe the most important factor is the condition of the plant, or how well established it is. The plant with the short stalk is also the smallest.


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