yellowing leaves

minus_touchDecember 16, 2013

My orchid leaves are turning yellow and the flowers are falling off. I think I need to increase humidity and temperature, and perhaps put the flower in a glass case (easier to control temperature?)

The CFL lamp is added a few days ago but that didn't stop the yellowing. The pot has no visible holes at the bottom, but water leaks out from the bottom somehow. It has been doing fine before winter.

Is there a store in the east side of Seattle (bellevue/redmond/kirkland) that sell glass case and other stuff I need to maintain orchids?

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You don't need fancy equipment just sun or 'bright'.

Please provide information about your growing environment, how you care for your orchids. What temps are you keeping them in during the day, how often are you watering?

Humidity is probably the least of your problem. My guess is your roots may be suffering, you might not be giving enough light. Please provide more info about your growing conditions. Also, how long have you had these plants and did you bloom them or buy them in bloom.


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Ditto above, do not worry about humidity. I see a ceramic pot. Is this the one with no visible drainage? If you bought or received it this way it is very likely, it is planted in a plastic pot (with drainge) and that plastic pot is set in this ceramic pot. When watering, take the plastic pot, plant and all, water with tepid water and allow to completely drain for 20-30 minutes, gently shake out any remaining water then place back into ceramic pot.

With no drainage, it is very likely the roots are rotting and the plant has no means to take up water.

Right now, take out any remaining water in the ceramic pot and allow the pot to dry out for a week or more. Your plant roots may have been damaged quite a bit and will take months to recover.

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NO drainage??? is that light all the light it gets? Over watering is my guess as to the troubles.

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Those newest leaves are too nice. This is a relatively recent purchase (last 2 months or so I'd wager) and most likely came with the ceramic pot. Notice there are two plants in the pot, old florist trick.

Note one of them looks perfectly healthy relative to the rapidly declining condition of the other. That intrigues me. Could be indicative that the condition of the one was poor upon purchase while the other was in good health.

Also an old florist trick: overstuffing the sphagnum moss *roll eyes*.

I agree, the first place I would want you want to check on is the condition of the roots due to excessive moisture.

However, is it also catching anyone else's eyes that the upper leaves still look stiff and plump rather than flaccid and wrinkled? In most of my root rot cases they also went limp, though small developing leaves maintained some rigidity for a while.

Question minus-touch:

1. Where did you get this? (Why do I have a sinking feeling this originated in a florist shop? Though I could totally be wrong here!)

2) How long have you had it, and specifically how long has it been in this location.

3) is there a window in this location? If so, what direction does it face?

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westoh Z6

I tend to agree with terp (unusual ;-) ), it was stated that there were no visible drainage holes, but it did drain. Other than the dead leaf and the one opposite, it appears to be in OK condition. I'd yank/remove the dead leaf(ves) and keep the CFL within 4"-10" of the top of the plant for 14-16 hrs/day. If possible, do remove it from the outer pot when watering and let drip dry before placing back into 'pretty' pot.

I also think it looks as if it were 2 plants, but I'm guessing big box store, not florist.

Good luck,


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I removed the plants from the pot. Each plant is potted in a small plastic cup pack with moss. The two cups are put into the pot and more moss are used to cover them up.

It looks like some of the roots are rotted. I'm airing the roots out right now. What should I do next?

I live in the east side of seattle. What store can I buy the proper pot for orchids? Preferably see-through pot to avoid the same problem.

Thanks to all who replied.

Here is a link that might be useful: photos of roots

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