Whatcha' Got Blooming?

cjwatson(Z8 FL)December 1, 2010

December is here finally, the end of the hurricane season and the beginning of the holiday season. What do you have in bloom now, and which ones do you expect to bloom this month in time for your holiday celebration?

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highjack(z6 KY)

Too many to remember sitting and staring at this screen. Maybe tomorrow if I have time I'll make a list. My catts are really starting to bloom now but will need the list to remember all of them :>)

CJ don't you have or used to grow a Coryanthes vasquezii (or something close to that) I've lost all three buds to rot prior to them opening. I thought maybe I got water in the first bud but the next two I was very careful to make sure I didn't hit it with water - still lost them. Any tips?


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Being a windowsill grower, I do not have the 'big' numbers, but presently do have Blc Li Cheng Mary 'Louise', Epidendrum difforme, Maxillaria cuculata, Onc Sweet Sugar 'Emperor', Onc Twinkle 'White Shower', Phrag Normont, and Phrag Sarah Beth blooming.

Before the month is out hoping to see Onc Sharry Baby 'Sweet Fragrance', Paph Greenvale x Denehurst, Paph Ceaser Pitta x Spotglen, and C. Mem Clif C Curry 'C&H'.

This is the first time I have had winter blooming Catts so am really enjoying it!

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

Brooke, I had my Cory vasquezii for about six or seven years until it keeled over this past January. It always bloomed every year between Sept and Dec. I never did anything special when it was in bud; just shady with moderate humidity and good air circulation (it seemed to like a breeze), rinsed off the buds every day when I wasn't watering the plant. Grew it for a while in semi-hydro but put it back into a bark-perlite mix. Someday I will find another plant. Although the solid white flowers aren't all that showy, the plant is quite small for a Cory.

Bullsie, doesn't that Onc Sweet Sugar have a huge flower for the size of the plant! Good luck with your new Catts.

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Lots of phals spiking; Sharry Baby just finished (Bullsie, I'm envious; love the scent), a couple of Paphs are in bloom, and a couple of dens also.I've got less than 50 plants total, so this is pretty good for my humble sunroom~~

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whitecat8(z4 MN)

~ Den oligophyllum - since early August & still budding + nice aroma; awesome mini!
~ Dtps Ever Spring Prince 'Pretty Cat' - its 2 flowers have been open since early Sept., even though EYE must have broken the spike almost off long before the buds opened. It's been hanging by about 1/8" since June. Kinda amazing.
~ Dtps Queen Beer - in spike when I got it in Oct. 2 of 3 spikes have flowers open. Breath-taking, shimmering color.
~ Habenaria medusae - just finishing blooming but must be included cuz it's SO COOL!

CJ, my Cory fieldingii did fine for 3 years and then tanked. Probably something I did in my earlier, greener orchid days but a loss nevertheless.

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highjack(z6 KY)

Thanks CJ - the only differences between your success with the blooms and my failure is I grow mine in higher light and use a sphag/tree fern mix.

I found another bud yesterday so maybe fourth time is the charm.

Thanks - Brooke

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Please, don't argue with the taxonomic designations. I report exactly how the plants are labeled from the vendors.

Currently in bloom:

Lycaste bradeorum - in continuous bloom since May; a new "flush" of flowers are opening at this moment. Originally from Andy's, Calif.

Lycaste cruenta 'Nisqually' HCC/AOS - Just opened today! originally from Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, Calif. I expect this one to be in flower for at least the next four months!

Lockhartia lunifera - an auction plant which originated from Tropical Orchid Farm, Hawaii. It has been intermittently in flower since July.

Lockhartia acuta - acquired from OrquiValle, Colombia. Previously flowered this year, in mid-summer.

Cattleya maxima 'Whiner' - acquired from Orchids, Ltd, Minnesota

Brassavola nodosa - acquired from Fenders Flora, Fla.

Oncidium flexuosum - imported directly from Alvim Seidel, Brasil

Expected to open by this weekend:
Lycaste Concentration 'Santa Barbara' AM/AOS
two different plants:

One from Sunset Orchids, Calif (NOT to be confused with Sunset Valley Orchids)
One from Fishing Creek Orchids, Pennsylvania

AND, my most recent acquisitions TODAY, from Al's Orchid Greenhouse, in Leesburg, Va -

Sophronitis cernua (2) seed grown, on the premises!

Carol, Thank you for asking!



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aachenelf z5 Mpls

Aerangis mystacidii - 2nd time blooming in the last 6 months
Ceratostylis retisquama - this one blooms almost monthly
Laelia alaorii - the bud didnâÂÂt quite make it and blasted today - rats!
Lepanthes species - a freebie from Lynn OâÂÂShaughnessy, but with no ID - kinda odd, but cute
Masdevallia decumana
Restrepia muscifera - almost always in flower
Sophronitella violacea
Sophronitis cernua - IâÂÂve lost count on how many times itâÂÂs bloomed this year


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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

Elvis, that is a good point. The more orchids you have in a mixed collection, the more you will have in bloom at any given time. I think if you can get flowers on 10%, you are doing very well.

Stitz, the only two times I tried to grow Lockhartia species, I managed to kill them within just a few months. I'd like to pick your brain on how you grow them. They are so interesting even when not in bloom.

Kevin, how much light do you give your Sophronitella? I've had one for years but haven't gotten more than a flower or two each year.

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For the first time in a long time, nothing :(

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Please..Where are all the pictures...? Pictures are so much better to look at and speak volumns...Can we make this thread a colorful one?

Thank you..


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xmpraedicta(3b Saskatoon)

WC - so glad you managed to get your hab medusae to bloom for you! I know you were pining after that one for a while.

Kevin - you know you can't get away with posting about an aerangis without getting some sort of reaction...how are you growing this one? I didn't get blooms this year...I'm thinking light maybe?

Thanks for starting this thread as always, Carol :)

Dend capra
Dend christyanum
Dend tetragonum
Cattleyopsis cubensis
Epigeneium triflorum var orientale

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Currently in bloom or spike:

Aerangis citrina
Aerangis Rhodosticta var. luteo-alba
Aerangis Elro
Anstictrochilus rothchilianus
Angraecum distichum
Angraecum sesquipedale
Brassavola Little Stars
Clowesia Jumbo Grace
Dendrobium kingianum
Epidendrum nocturnum
Masdevallia mejiana
Maxillaria picta
Notylia barkeri
Polystachya galeata
Prosthechea cochleata
Psychopsis Mendenhall
Psychopsis Kalihi
Sarcochilus falcatus
Tuberolabium odoratissium
Zygopetalum Free Style Hawaii

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

Aerangis biloba
Aerangis mystacidii
Ancistrorhynchus metteniae - Angraecoid with tiny clusters of flowers
Angraecum scottianum
Angraecum subulatum
Ascocentropsis pusilla
Barkeria palmeri
Brassavola nodosa 'Memoria Rick Johnson'
Brassavola subulifolia (cordata)
Cattleya deckeri
Cleisostoma sp (poss. simondii)
Dendrobium aberrans
Dendrobium oligophyllum
Encyclia bracteata
Encyclia vitellina
Haraella retrocala
Hexisea bidentata
Jumellea confusa
Mexipedium xerophyticum
Oberonia prainiana
Phalaenopsis appendiculata
Phalaenopsis bellina
Phalaenopsis deliciosa (Kingidium)
Phalaenopsis lindenii
Phalaenopsis pulchra
Phalaenopsis venosa
Platystele ovatilabia
Ponera striata
Schoenorchis buddleiflora
Sophronitis cernua- lots of gorgeous little orange/red flowers
Taeniophyllum biocellatum - tiny leafless, blooms sequentially
Trichoglottis bataanensis

Angraecum Shooting Star (florulentum x eburnum) - last flower just fell off as I copied the tag, darn
Ascocenda (V. Mevr. L. Velthuis x Ascocenda Suksamran Spots) - finishing
Ascocenda Orlando's Amethyst (Aroonsri Beauty x V.coerulescens)
Barkeria Marsh Melton (whartoniana x melancaulon)
Bc Tripp's Grandma (C Tripp Johnston x B. nodosa)
Blc (Lc El Cerrito 'Laurel's Red' x Bc Daffodil 'Beeswax')
Blc Goldenzelle 'Lemon Chiffon' (Blc Fortune x C. Horace)
Brassoepidendrum Florida Bay (Enc pyriformis x B. nodosa
Cattleya Rembrandt (C elongata x labiata)
Cattleyopsistonia Jamaica Jester (Ctps ortgiesiana x B. negrilensis)
Ctna Keith Roth 'Memoria William Fouraker' (C bicolor x B sanguinea)
Encyclia (Grand Bahama x dichroma)
Euryangis Galeankotsch (Eurychone galeandrae x Aerangis kotschiana)- first bloom seedling, pale orange flowers with deep orange spur
Lc Beauty Holiday Utuado (C. Cynthia Martell Utuado x L. rubescens)
Lc Love Knot 'Blue Icing' (L. sincorana x C. walkeriana)
Neostylis Lou Sneary 'Bluebird' (Neofinitia falcata x Rhynchostylis coelestis)
Phal Connie Moody (Venus 'Little Stripes' x celebensis)
Rolfeara Creole (Bc Daffodil x S. cernua)
Stellamizutaara Florida Sunset (B Maria del Carmen x Ctna Why Not)

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" Stitz, the only two times I tried to grow Lockhartia species, I managed to kill them within just a few months. I'd like to pick your brain on how you grow them. They are so interesting even when not in bloom. "

ok, CJ - pick away! First, I think that it is important to establish which ones you attempted? Some of the Central American species are GIANTS compared to what I grow. So far, I have chosen to grow lunifera and acuta.

climate conditions - I grow lunifera outdoors as much as possible until the temps get ~ 42-45F, then they come indoors. acuta is grown warmer. During summer, they're exposed to nearly full morning sunlight; afternoons, under a 40% screen and then under a wrought iron chair during the mid-afternoon which is just another screen as far as the plants are concerned. During cold weather months, I give 'em as much sunlight as I can find, from SSE and SSW windows.

During summer and early autumn, I spray daily from my hose, at dawn if the sun is out with a very dilute fertilizer solution (20-10-20, urea free).

During winter, they're watered every few days depending on the sun/humidity however at least once each week - no fert.

I used NZ sphagnum at one time. I grew GREAT Lockhartia lunifera 'til poof! the plants died all of a sudden. I am guessing that there was a dramatic change in pH levels? Bark works ok however, once again - it's a fine line between what is healthy and what isn't. I dunno. I switched to tree fern. It works!

I also encourage a little live moss on the top. Clay is my preferred container since clay pots "breathe". My latest lunifera came from Hawaii in plastic. No mo' !

I fertilize very lightly and daily during summer. It's very easy by using a hozon proportioner. I began adding magnesium to my routine this summer. Mg doesn't hurt!

My sources for Lock. lunifera have been Alvim Seidel in Brasil and more recently Tropical Orchid Farm in Hawaii. I purchased a Lock. acuta from OrquiValle in Colombia in very early spring. Of course, it's important to start with an excellent plant. Why waste time on a so-so specimen?

My experience has been that the lunifera generally needs a full year to get established. Ir should be treated with extra care until it's firmly established. The acuta has been more rapid to "root".

I have seen many Lockhartia species which clearly were misidentified; I'm not talking about taxonomic disagreements. THAT might possibly be the greatest threat to growing these species well.


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whitecat8(z4 MN)

Stitz - are you close enough to visit Fishing Creek Orchids? Or will he email you a list or catalog? All I'm finding is an email address.

KEVIN HI!! Good to see your name pop up. I've had that Restrepia in the past. It bloomed but wasn't happy here. You've got the right conditions. Great plant.

Calvin, I was gonna post today and see if anyone had heard from you, so extra glad to see you posting. Hope all's been well.

Brooke, I responded to CJ's remark about her Cory without remembering your question earlier. Hope you get that one blossom.

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I have:

1 Onc. "Sharry baby" about to bloom

Several Onc. "Carnival costume" about to bloom

1 Miltassia Dark Star 'Orchid Works'

1 Onc. Twinkle "Fragrance fantasy"

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dragon_kite(z6 NYC)

I look forward to this topic every year! Your lists are phenomenal! I'm expecting photo follow-ups.

low count for me this year due to neglect.

NoID pink cym (my personal favorite because it smells like cake)
Cym tracyanum
Cym sinense
and for the first time ever so my fingers are crossed:
Cym Mavourneen 'Jester'

I bought 'Jester' when it was in spike but it blasted and hasn't sent up spike since...it's been 4 years...so yeah, my toes are crossed too, just in case.

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cjwatson(Z8 FL)

Thank you, Stitz, for all the information. It was many years ago that I tried to grow Lockhartias; can't remember which ones. One was from Oak Hill, I think, and the other was an import from Panama(?). I may give it another try since they are such interesting plants.

tommyr, I'll bet your growing area smells wonderful!

dk, I wish I could grow Cyms. The only ones that will grow here are the warm epiphytic types which I don't feel have the floral reward for the space they take up in the GH. I have grown a few species before and then gave them to my society auction. If I had more room, I would definitely grow at least or two though.

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After the abuses my plants have suffered this year, I'm suprised I have anything right now. Fortunately for me some plants just don't give up.

Brassavola nodosa- in bud.

Pot. Free Spirit 'Miami Sun'

Den. Maiden Charlotte- nice miniature, blooming on old as well as new canes. The result is a cloud of nodding white blooms with purple speckles at the edges

Lc. Mary Elizabeth Bohn 'Royal Flare'

Onc. Gold Dust- in bud, another mini.

Den. Burana Q 'Eima-Lai'- Just the last few blooms holding on.

Den. Haleahi Sweethearts 'Bloomer' X Haleahi Lipstick 'Lancelot'- Has some blooms which are fading and some new spikes half grown.

P. Jungo Viotris X violacea- Last flower is lingering on this summer bloomer.

Blc. Orglade's Royal Lady 'Roman Holiday' X Lc. Mini Purple 'Tamammi'- in bud.

Also one Cat. alliance noID that has always come through for me.

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aachenelf z5 Mpls

CJ - I grow my Sophronitella in very high light. I originally looked at Jay's for cultural info which states shaded conditions, but then I found the following (link below). It also experienced some pretty chilly night temps this fall - like a couple of months of 50 or lower. I only have 2 flowers on mine with another bud on the way, but I don't think this one is a real heavy bloomer. At least I've never seen a photo of one with more than 3 or so flowers open at a time.

Calvin - As you know, everything I grow goes outside for the summer. My Aerangis was shaded, but still got some morning sun. I thought it very odd that shortly after the first 2 spikes dried up, it started 2 more. Not complaining however.


Here is a link that might be useful: Soph

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dragon_kite(z6 NYC)

CJ- I'm actually a Catt girl at heart, I love the classic floofy ones and the modern sleek spotted ones. But they're difficult for me to grow in my zone so I grow intermediates like cyms, oncids, and zygos....but my heart still yearns for Catts.

That's why I look forward to this forum's pics, atleast I can enjoy the photos if I can't grow them myself. Really glad to see a lot of people have catts blooming this year!


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Lycaste bradeorum - from Andy
Broughtonia negrilensis hybrid- bonus from TOF
Phal stuartiana "Sogo" - from Hausermann

The Lycaste came to me in bloom from Andy's and kept putting out new ones till now; the Broughtonia was already close to spiking when I received her (near buds).

Phal Stuartiana Sogo almost near buds now, spiked months after I got her; my first child :)

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Well after all the torture the plants went through, some have decided to really do something.

Here's what little I've got to offer:
Phal Taisuco Kaaladian x Cygnus (in spike, got it from Mike"Orchid 527" a couple years ago)
Onc. Twinkle (white)
Darwinara Charm 'Blue Star' very yummy fragrance (got this in bloom from our society fall Orchidfest)

I'm kinda heavy on the ladyslippers so a good bit of those are blooming:

Phrag. Calurum ( flowers are as big across as the palm of your hand)
Paph. (Gilbert Blythe x Alma Gavaert) x Philippinense var Album 'Channing' (looks like a album Phil
Paph. venustrum album x primulinum (in spike)
Paph. Magic Leopard x Hilo Ruby 'XXL' (this thing blooms on every new growth like a champ, just wish the dorsal stood up better. This one came from Mike too.)
Paph. Neddie Seagoon (really pretty dark thing, even has some maroon on the leaves)

And last but not least, I think my one remaining Den. kingi might be thinking of doing something. I'm not certain what! I'm crossing my fingers that it's not going to put up MORE Keikis,I forgot it was out on the screened in front porch after all the other 'chids had long been brought in. That might be all it needed. BWWHAAAAA! It better do something or I'm going to sent it to orchid heaven!!!!!

I wish I had some catts blooming but I'm not getting them enough light. Only one I can get to bloom frequently is my Richard Mueller cross. Everybody else will set up sheaths but usually no spike comes out of it. Oh well, I'll learn sometime...Ginnibug

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highjack(z6 KY)

I finally had time to make a list of my bloomers. Yes it's a lot and no I don't feel guilty having this many to enjoy :>)

Phals - cornu-cervi (2), equestris, Taida Sunshine, amboinensis (3) H.P.Norton, bellina (2) gigantea x tetraspis (3) Rothschildiana, Yaphon Lobspis, tetraspis (2) violacea (2) Alice Millard, lindenii, celebensis, deliciosa, lueddemanniana, Joy Micholitzii Lueddie, aphrodite, micholitzii

Dens - Mingle's Sapphire, tobaense, macrophyllum, alexanderae, Roy Tokunada

Bulbo - septimtriol, arfakianum, grandiflorum, lilacinum

Lycaste - Corrimal, Sulphurea, guatemalensis, x niennnesiae, macrophylla ssp macrophylla, dowiana, occulta

Phrags - Cardinale, Bowl of Cherries, Wossen, Lucy Robbins, fischerii

Psychopsis - Butterfly, krammeriana, papillio alba, Mendenhall

Masdies - Angel Frost, Bobcat, ayabacana, Red Wing, Marguerite, amplexa, Morning Glory, Tortoise, Geneva Spots, Anochecer, Heathii, imposter x floribunda, Peaches & Cream, Mauii Gold, Mary Stahl, Measuresiana, Angel Heart, pteroglossa, geminiflora, ludibunda, Hampsshire Prolific (3), infracta, Charisma

Odds and Ends - Epi. cochleata, Max. splendens, richi and sophronitis, Scapho peruviana and decorum, Renanthera Singaporeans, Liparis condylobulban, Dendrochillum bicallosum and cobbiana, Drac. lotax, Helpilia Becky Unruh

Catts - rubescens, walkeriana cerulea, percivalaniana, labiata, Bow Bells, schroderae, loddigessii, Gold Throat (2) and Goldenzelle 'Lemon Chiffon'

Here is the Goldenzelle Bullsie sent this to me a couple of years as a seedling when she was thinning the herd. She also sent me another one, George King Serendipity (I think that's the name) and it is also in bud. Thanks Bullsie, it's a nice one.

Sorry about any typos and slightly incorrect names :>)


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I can add BLC Morning Song and Rhync. gigantea to my list :)

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Ok was just surprised by a tiny little hidden flower on my Maxillaria schunkeana. Black as black can be. I'm excited about this, it's my first maxi I've tried and rebloomes :)

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If this is your first reblooming Max, I suggest that you also try Max picta. It is often attractive out of flower. It is very fragrant. Some people find the fragrance very attractive; some don't. Like many of its Brasilian cousins, Max picta is a rapid grower.


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carolinn_on(z3 Northern Ontario)

Please excuse any errors as my orchidwiz is not available right now..mainly reading off the labels.
*means blooming for Christmas


Rhync.gigantea (purple)
" " v.alba*
" " spotted*
" " magenta
" " peach
Ascda. Fuchs Gold x denisoniana*
Schom. tibicinis
V. Suwapee x Dr. Anek*
Vasco Pine Rivers 'Redland Sky' AM/AOS
Vasco. South East Pearl
V. Johannes Goutier 'Pomegranate'
Noid vandaceous
B. David Sanders
Epi. floribundum
Onc. Ruffles*
Onc. Twinkle 'Fragrance Fantasy'*
Onc. Twinkle 'Little Stars'
Lcn. La Bamba
Clty. Spring Fragrance 'Paradise'
Epic. Don Herman 'Gold Rush'*
B. Aristocrat
Bc. Sunny Delight 'Maj'
Blc. Rustic Spots
Lc. Tokyo Magic
Lc. Orange Passion 'Tangerine' CBR/AOS
Lc. Frosty Pink*
C. trianaei v. coerulea
Bc. Kosh Wallis
Lc. Bracey 'Waiolani' AM/OAOS
Bc. Daffodil
C. schilleriana v. sanderiana v. Gardles x Caludia
Ascda. Tavivat
3 noid Catts


Paph. malipoense
Bc. Maikiai 'Louise' AM/AOS*
V. Laura Bush
V. insignis x V. brunnea*
Ascda. Crownfox Delicious 'Marmalade;*
B. David Sanders
Noid fragrant pink Catt*
Dendro. niveum*
Onc. ornithorhynchum*
Bc. Little Marrmaid 'Janet'


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Stitz, how big is it? No kidding, I only have room enough to add maybe one plant roughly the size of a tuberolabium/sedirea. I have some plants sitting on the floor with little chance of seeing a window anytime soon :( I moved to Hyattsville, and the house I bought is a decent size, but there are only two semi decent windows for growing flowering plants. They are not very big and definitely don't support my whole collection.

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#1 picta is in an 8 or 10 inch basket. It's been here for 3 yrs or so....

#2 picta was recently "rescued" at an orchid club function. It's in a 6" pot. I rarely bother with rescues however, this one is something that I can handle.

Max picta is not a plant for "light challenged" growers. During warmer weather, #1 received full sunlight, outdoors. Until the temps outdoors returns to at least 42�F, it's at a SSW window.

yeah, yeah, yeah....it has a few sunburned spots on a few leaves but, I grow 'em for the flowers!

I expect #1 to richly reward me in several weeks.


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