identifying old rose

blackgavotte(5aNS)February 21, 2014

A 95 year old neighbour has the most beautiful rose, which was planted before she married over 60 years ago. It does repeat, is a true soft pink, and if memory serves me with a sort of semi-hybrid-tea form as its opening, and has a pleasant but not overwhelming scent. It withstands this maritime climate and is on its own roots. Hoping to get some suggestions. So far no websites nor pictures are much help. It would have been sold in Nova Scotia or New England perhaps, early in the 20th century. Its gorgeous, and if I knew its name it might still be available from someone. She hasn't offered that I can remove the smaller side bush its produced, and I have never had success with taking cuttings. Any help will be very appreciated.

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Impossible to ID a pink HT type of that era without photos....

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Blackgavotte - if you post a picture of it on here, you will get a lot of help identifying it.

Once you get some possible names, you can look them up on Help Me Find/Roses, which gives details and has pictures of many many old roses.

Off the top of my head, I would look up 'La France' for starters in your search.


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yes I've already looked up La France, it looks much like that... but not sure yet. Will post pictures when it blooms, I was just hoping someone might have some ideas for me to start with. Am researching antique roses as I go along now.

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Great - when you post pictures of the flowers, make sure to also post a picture of the entire bush, the hips if you can find any, and close ups of the leaves and prickles.


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I wonder if a local historical society might have or know how to find nursery catalogues from the early 1950s for your area? It might help to know what was being sold at that time. Do you know where she bought the rose? The nursery could still be in business, and if it is, someone there might have lists of what was sold back then.

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I contacted, in a round about way, the Victorian Gardens people in Halifax. After several emails and plenty of kindly suggestions, I've reserved a book at the library, inter-library loan, called " The Heritage Garden", written by Jo Anne Gardner, in Cape Breton ! Hoping that will be some help too. If the book is helpful and interesting, I can still find it on Amazon... Yes, if I post pictures later, I will get the whole bush too. Its tough getting information on these old timers for sure, but interesting also.. Thanks, all.
Will let you know what I come up with.

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I don't know how to get more than one picture uploaded, but will post the 3 I have. Just took them last weekend, and my entry level camera is not wonderful but lets see if anyone can help. There is a slight fragrance.

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here is pic # 2,

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and here is pic # 3, showing the bush itself. It must not be a climber or rambler, surely at its great age it would be larger than this ? My neighbour thinks there is a second flush or bloom, but she is not sure. At her age of course her memory may not be exact.

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vasue(7A Charlottesville)

Lovely rose you're trying to name! You might search at the link below. Click the pointer next to the "year" box for a dropdown menu of each year.

Here is a link that might be useful: Help Me Find by Year of Introduction

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The leaves and prickles look a lot like my New Dawn, which was introduced in 1930 I think, so the timeline would be about right. But New Dawn here is a big old climber - that bush looks way too small to be a 60+ year old specimen, unless it dies back to the ground every year.

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The bloom appears like 'Mme. Caroline Testout' but the foliage does not. See photos at under Search.


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vmr423(Zone 8b, SC)

Could it be 'Queen Elizabeth'?

1954 introduction, so we're right at 60 years with that one, but the foliage looks similar to me...

I believe that she's fairly cold-hardy, but someone else might be better able to comment?

Good luck,

ETA: Probably not 'QE' if that rose has thorns, and it looks like it does... the HMF description says 'QE' is "thornless, or almost". The timing was a bit dicey anyway.

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vmr423(Zone 8b, SC)

Here is a handy link of old Canadian seed catalogues. I noticed that the Anapolis Royal Nurseries catalogue had some Hybrid Teas, etc.

Some of the other nurseries might be of interest, even if not in NS?

Here is a link that might be useful: Canadian Seed Catalogues

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Definitely not Madame Caroline Testout. The leaves are wrong, and so is the bloom - wrong form, and not double enough. MCT has large globular very double blooms. Pic below.

Sorry not to be more helpful - there are so many old pink roses of this color that it is difficult to identify them, but those small almost round dark green shiny leaves will hopefully spark recognition in someone;;;


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organic_tosca(9/Sunset 14)

That looks very much like 'Betty', a rose I used to have. It was a Hybrid Tea from 1905 or 1906. The form of the bloom looks right, although 'Betty' had yellow stamens that gave a golden glow to the rose center when fully open. Perhaps such a center is there,but not visible due to the angle of the camera, but I have another problem in that I don't remember 'Betty' having such glossy leaves, or such sturdy-looking ones. However, my rose was only a few years old when I had to give it away, so some of that may be due to the great age difference. I got my rose from Vintage Gardens in California, which is no longer in business, but I think that there are photos of 'Betty' on the website called HelpMeFind: that's Click on the button for "Search Plant" in the choices in the left-hand sidebar. On the page that comes up, just enter the name Betty in the search field. I kind of doubt that your rose is the same one, as mine looked more like its Tea Rose parent, but at least HelpMeFind would give you a few pictures to look at in comparison.

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