My Greenhouse fell in!!!

alana8ascFebruary 12, 2014

All this snow and ice we've been having the last couple of weeks finally killed my cheap green house :( It had some type of plastic covering. I quickly got my husband to help me get them out and cover them with snow, since we have straight ice coming down now. I am only worried about the teas, but since we are supposed to be back in the 60-70's this weekend maybe they will be fine? Only one broke half a branch so I consider myself lucky. I'm glad my husband helped because I doubt I could have done it myself.

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seil zone 6b MI

Oh, NO! I have one of those small standing greenhouses with the plastic cover too. I keep my seedlings in there over the winter. Fortunately mine is under the eaves of the house so it doesn't have much snow on the roof.

I'm glad you were able to get them out without much damage and big kudos to your hubby for the help but I'll bet you'd have gotten them out somehow if you'd had to. It's amazing what you can and/or will do for your roses!

I hope your teas will survive the cold. I'm hoping mine do to but I knew I was pushing the envelope in my zone. I certainly didn't expect this prolonged arctic cold though!

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Oh no, how awful! At least it wasn't the house and no one was hurt.

Wishing you and your teas well. You'll have the greenhouse fixed before the next cold spell.


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Thanks Rosefolly and Seil!! It wasn't a small one Seil but one of the larger ones. The smaller one has my cuttings and seeds I'm trying to grow in it and it's still fine at the moment. I told my hubby I'll just have to buy a more expensive one :) I'm glad I didn't get more damage than what I got. I hope they are all fine, but I did try and insulate with the snow so hopefully that helps. They wasn't in full dormancy though, that's what I'm worried about.

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Oh, Alana! I'm so sorry. What a mess and a challenge to clean up. Fingers crossed for your teas. I so understand why you and Seil grow teas. If you have the budget, a sturdy greenhouse might be just the ticket. I always try to think of high price purchases all stretched out across the years of use and enjoyment. It makes the sticker shock more bearable. Keep us updated on your greenhouse/tea adventures. Our snow is still melting in PDX. Unprecedented this late in the year! Carol in Portland, OR

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Thanks Carol, We usually don't get snow, but it looks like it might start being the norm :( The weather has been crazy the last couple of years. I'll let ya'll know in the spring who made it. Hopefully everyone, so I wouldn't have to have told a white lie to my husband sayin I wouldn't replace none survivors :)

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yougojay(Zone 7a)

OMG, I saw the 7bSC first after 'My Greenhouse Fell In!!! & I know exactly what you must be going through!! We're well North of you (just North of Lenoir, NC) and we're going through a blizzard right now.
I hope the plants make it through OK, Alana, yes, the temps. are going to go right back up again in the next few days.
Be SAFE in SC, it's nasty out! We're NOT used to getting these WEIRD storms way down here folks - we use our salt on our food!

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My sympathies, and I hope your roses make it. Teas are pretty tough. I once had a greenhouse collapse: we got a foot and a half of snow and we didn't know that the structure just couldn't support that much weight. I'd never had to deal with that much snow before. Live and learn!
I hope you get some signs of spring soon.

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Thanks Melissa ans yougojay :) Melissa did you have the same type as mine or better? Ours had a little more snow than that on it and then ice started and I was trying to actually lighten the load when it happened :(

Yougojay I'm actually 8a but don't know how to change. I'm in the northern midlands, of lee county but close to kershaw. I'm in the very northern half and we've had over 5 inches of snow and ice..something we are sure not use to, I told the weather they are sure reporting what lee county got wrong, but they didn't acknowlege me :) I have kept power so far thank god. We didn't get alot of freezing rain in the area I'm at, snow..alot of ice and more snow. My mom lost power but she's further south next to manning. Thank goodness she has a fireplace- I don't. I will be praying all my plants are tough enough for this! Thanks everyone and I'll try and post some pics :)

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yougojay(Zone 7a)

I know approx. where you are Alana, indeed, we don't normally get weather like this at all!
We got all snow here, and not nearly as much as was predicted, 5-6 inches. I shoveled out the driveway and everything is melting good. It is still 40 degrees tonite at 8:00pm -
We had a bad bout of freezing weather a few weeks ago, that polar vortex thing, yikes - I think a few of my Romantica Roses are half toasted. I will check them better this weekend, been thinking of pulling them and replacing them with potted Austins I have been growing ...Othello, Falstaff, Fisherman's Friend, WS 2000, Prospero & Tess of the d'urbanvilles - we have a lot of property here and they all have a big space to grow naturally. At least the temps are real good here in Feb. & March, big jump on Spring cleaning vs. back in Illinois 15 years ago. Hope the roses come through alright.

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I am sorry that happened to you!

I am in Upstate SC, and it has been a tough winter. This is the coldest winter we have had since 1985.

I normally prune my roses Valentine's weekend when the Forsythia is blooming.

We have had several cold nights at 5 F and the Forsythia is showing no signs of blooming any time soon if at all this year.

I will be waiting to prune at least a few more weeks as I have no clue how much more cold weather to expect.

My roses have held up better than I expected. I did lose a Blue Girl due to the low temps.

Alana, I hope all your roses are O.K.
The weather forecast predicts 50's and 60's all next week so hopefully that will help.

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Thanks Isst and yougojay! I think they will be OK . Everything got the ice off yesterday when the sun came out. The ground is is covered but atleast the branches aren't with the ice and hanging down like they are gonna snap.
. The snow/ice on ground should be gone by Saturday.. I think, some may linger longer in shaded areas. I'm with you Isst on not knowing when to prune, just wait and watch the weather I guess. I hope everyone has a HAPPY VALENTINE"S DAY!

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