Help with ID of Trader Joe's NOID

karen451December 22, 2013

Hi there

Despite my resolutions to be strong, I succumbed this weekend to the urge to "rescue" a Trader Joe's orchid (Whitecat8: I really tried to resist, but what can I say I am weak). Can someone help ID it for me. The label just says Intergeneric oncidium. Apologies for the slightly blurry pic

Thanks in advance

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I think it might be Sanderara Black Star 'Pacific Red Star'. Check out this link:'Pacific%20Red%20Star'.html

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It does look a lot like it. Thanks v. much.
Now I am worried that I got something unsuitable for my growth conditions. I have got Oncidiums and Brassia's to rebloom on a South facing windowsill in Zone 7 and was hoping that, since it looked oncidium-like that it would be fine, but I dont think that my light level amounts to 3000 ft candles as the link you sent me recommends. Should I panic?

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Also, it seems to be potted in what looks like regular potting mix rather than bark. Do I need to worry about the roots? Should I repot as soon as it finishes blooming or wait until spring. I want to transfer it to hydroton eventually

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Karen, if I were you I'd repot it after it finishes blooming into whatever works for you. I'll bet you can rebloom this under your current conditions if you rebloom other oncidium intergenerics. Remember, you can always place it outside slowly getting it used to the sun in the spring after all the frost is done. I have a greenhouse but take out my nobile dendrobiums to give them the extra burst of energy that the receive from being outside.

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Sadly, living in an apartment as I do, I have no outside space to put it, but based on your advice I will remain optimistic. Many thanks.

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Karen I get the plight of an indoor grower. Have you though about a light cart?

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I am trying to prevent the orchids and their toys and accessories from taking over my apartment. I have some under spot lights but I worry that a cart would tip the balance of power between me and the orchids over the edge ;-)

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You'd be surprised! What I've learned is that having a cart strongly limits your space, if you are sensitive to the plants needs. Trying to fit that one more in, it makes things less optimal for other plants that get booted from prime spots. The overcrowdign also creates an issue where plants start shading each other out, which is bad indoors. If you are sensitive to this stuff, its actually a great management tool for your collection size.

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