Leaves damaged by heat!!

Jmt8778December 15, 2013

Please help! My boyfriend gave me a beautiful orchid plant for my birthday and after our recent holiday party I noticed the leaves had large brown wilted spots. The plant was moved during the party and set next to a small candle display. I think the heat over the tea light did this but I need to know how to fix it!! Please help :/

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Just cut off the burned part of the leaves until you see healthy tissue. There's no way to fix burned leaves. Cutting off the burns will keep infection from setting in.

Your plant will grow new leaves over time and should be fine.


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Thanks Jane! By the picture you believe it to be the candle as well? Nothing like a watering problem or something other? Being new to this I have been looking at every other thing it could be...but my true thought is it was the candle.
This might be a dumb question but what is best to use when cutting the damage off the leaves?
Thanks for all of the help

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westoh Z6

Sterile razor blade or sharp knife. Cut about 1/4" behind the mushy parts. Dust cut with standard kitchen ground cinnamon powder and keep cut dry for a week or so.

Good luck,


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Yes, looks like burn, cut it as Bob explained.


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